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Acronym Master List for EDA

This list was based on the LANL Master Acronym List and has been expanded to include many utility related terms.  We recommend the prudent use of acronyms in business and scientific writing and the definition of an acronym when it is first used.

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A absorbance, amplitude, or area
A Administrative Division, 7/44­12/46
A air
A analysis and assessment
A Analysis & Assessment Div., 7/87­10/93
A Assay and Accountability, 9/70­12/75
AA access authorization
AA accountable/activity area
AA activity area
AA adverse action
AA affirmative action
AA aiming algorithm
AA arithmetical average
AA assistant administrator
AA atomic absorption
AA Audits & Assessments Office
A3 armor/anti-armor
AAA American Arbitration Association
AA3 (Accident Analysis Computer Program)
AAAS American Association for the Advancement of Science
AAAVadvanced amphibious assault vehicle
AACDFinancial Administration Dept. (JCI)
AACRAnglo-American cataloging rules
AACSairborne activity confinement system
AADPAdministrative Automatic Data Processing Division, 2/76­3/81
AADTaverage annual weekday traffic
AAEEAmerican Academy of Environmental Engineers
AA/EEOaffirmative action/equal employment opportunity
AAHadvanced attack helicopter
AALCamphibious assault landing craft
AAMairborne activity monitor
AAMair-to-air missile
AANC Aging Aircraft Nondestructive Inspection Development & Demonstration Center (SNL)
AAPaffirmative action program
AAPasbestos action program
AAQSambient air quality standard
AARaffirmative action representative
AARAssociation of American Railroads
AARADCOM U.S. Army Armaments R&D Command
AARCAlliance for Acid Rain Control
AAREa-associate response (telecom.)
AARQa-associate request (telecom.)
AASacid addition system
AASatomic absorption spectroscopy
A.A.S. Academiae Americanae Socius (American Academy of Sciences)
AASMAdvanced Air to Surface Missile
AASOArmy Aeronautical Service Office
AATasbestos awareness training
AAUSairborne atmospheric uranium sensor
AAW antiair warfare


A.B. artium baccalaureus; bachelor of arts
A&B (dual lock)
A/B air bus
ABA American Bar Association
ABAQUS(finite-element computer code)
ABB Asea Brown Boveri
ABC accelerator-based conversion
ABC advanced ball concept
ABC atomic, biological & chemical
ABFELair-based free-electron laser
ABE Army Background Experiment
ABESAlliance for Balanced Environmental Solutions
ABFammonium bifluoride
ABHXair blast heat exchanger
Abk. Abkurzung; abbreviation
ABLairborne laser
ABLatmospheric boundary layer
ABLE activity balance line evaluation
ABM antiballistic missile
ABM asynchronous balanced mode (telecom.)
ABRadvanced battery research
ABRESadvanced ballistic re-entry system
ABRVadvanced ballistic re-entry vehicle
ABS American Bureau of Shipping
ABS alkylbenzene sulfonate
ABS automatic backup shutdown (system)
ABSSaverage base shear stress
ABS-SC automatic backup shutdown of safety computer
ABTAApplied Biotreatment Association
ABTRESabatement & residual forecasting model
ABVauxiliary building ventilation
ABWairborne waste
AC access control
AC accountability measurement (plutonium)
AC actual commitment
AC advisory circular (also A/C)
AC advisory committee
ac alternating current (also AC)
AC Ancho Canyon (TA-39)
AC area coordinator
AC (drawing number prefix-inspection instruction)
A/C air conditioning (also AC)
a.c. année courant; current year (French)
A&C abatement and control
ACAAmerican Conservation Association, Inc.
ACAapplied combinatorial analysis
ACBair-operated circuit breaker
ACBMasbestos-containing building material
ACC abnormal condition control
ACC accumulator (injection)
ACCDaircraft compatibility control drawing
ACDadvanced conceptual design
ACDautomatic call director (telecom.)
ACDAArms Control and Disarmament Agency
ACDFAdvanced Chemical Diagnostics Facility
ACDPAdvisory Committee for Disabled People (DOE/AL)
ACE Achieving the Competitive Edge (PNL)
ACE a compact ENDF (file format)
ACE aerosol control experiment 
ACE aerotherm chemical equilibrium (program)
ACE alkyl cobalt dicarbollide extraction
ACE Alliance for Clean Energy
ACE Army Corps of Engineers (U.S.)
ACECAmerican Consulting Engineers Council
ACEPAdvisory Committee, Export Policy (DOC)
ACFacid concentrator feed
ACFautomatic control feature
acfmactual cubic feet per minute
ACGIHAmerican Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists
ACH air changes per hour
ACH automated clearing house
ACIAdvanced Computing Initiative
ACIAmerican Concrete Instit.
ACIautomatic closure and interlock
ACIAAmerican Construction Inspection Assn.
ACID atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (telecom.)
ACISautomated chemical inventory system
ACLaccess control list
ACLAdvanced Computing Laboratory
ACLalternative concentration level/limit
ACLauxiliary cooling loop
ACM advanced conventional munitions
ACM advanced cruise missile
ACM airport certification manual 
ACM asbestos-containing material
ACM Association of Communication Maanagers
ACM Association for Computing Machinery
ACME Annual Conference of Managing Editors (DOE meeting)
ACNFSAdvisory Committee on Nuclear Facility Safety (DOE)
ACNPRSAdvisory Committee on New Production Reactor Safety
ACNTSArms Control & Nonproliferation Technology Support (DOE)
ACOadministrative consent order
ACOadvance change order
ACOAtomic Coordinating Office
ACOMCommunications Department (JCI)
ACONET Akademisches Computer Netz (Austria)
ACO/UK Atomic Coordinating Office/United Kingdom
ACRSAdvisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards
ACSaccount control system
ACSadvanced communication systems
ACSAldus color file
ACSAmerican Cancer Society
ACSAmerican Chemical Society
ACSattitude control system
ACSauxiliary cooling system
ACSEassociation control service element (ISO)
ACSHAmerican Council on Science & Health
ACT Accounting Division, 3/81­?/91?
ACTIadvanced computational technology initiative
ACTS advanced communications technology satellite
ACUacknowledgment signal unit (telecom.)
ACV air-cushion vehicle
ACV at-completion variance
ACVCarms control verification committee
ACWAAmerican Clean Water Association
ACWPactual cost of work performed


AD airworthiness directive
AD assistant/associate director (obsolete)
AD (drawing no. prefix-acceptance equipment & specification list)
A/D analog to digital
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
ADA applied decision analysis
ADABASadaptable database system
ADALAssociate Director at Large
ADaPTAdvanced Design and Production Technology
ADBApple desktop bus
ADC atomic demolition charge
ADC authorized derivative classifier
ADCCPadvanced data communication control procedure
AD&D accidental death and dismemberment
ADCMAssociate Director for Chemistry and Materials 
ADDS Automated Departmental Directives System
ADEEAssociate Director for Energy and Environment
ADEOSAdvanced Earth Observation Satellite (Japan)
ADEPaccelerator-driven energy production
ADEPT assisting deployment of energy and environmental practices and technologies
ADETAssociate Director for Energy and Technology 
ADFautomatic direction finding
ADIacceptable daily intake
ADIair defense initiative
ADIalternating-direction implicit (method)
ADISSanalytical data interchange & storage standards
ADITaccelerator-driven transmutation technologies
ADLabove detection limit
ADLDAssociate Director for Laboratory Development 
ADMaction description memorandum 
ADMarrow diagram method
ADMatomic demolition munition 
ADMDadministrative management domain
ADNWTAssociate Director for Nuclear Weapons Technology
ADO Associate Director for Operations
ADP administrative data processing
ADP Administrative Data Processing Division, 03/81­11/93
ADPCMadaptive differential pulse code modulation
ADPEADP equipment
ADPLSAssociate Director for Physics and Life Sciences
ADQPPAssociate Director for Quality, Policy, and Performance 
ADRalternative/alternate dispute resolution
ADRAssociate Director for Research
ADRaudit discrepancy report
ADREAssociate Director for Research and Education
ADS activity data sheet
ADSCEPTS advanced self-contained chemical energy propulsion
ADSIMSair defense simulation
ADSLasymmetrical digital subscriber line (Bellcore video transmission)
ADSM Adstar Distributed Storage Manager (backup software)
ADTaerated drain tank
ADTatomic damage template
ADTFAt Depth Test Facility
ADTTaccelerator-driven transmutation technologies (also ADT2)
ADV adeno-associated virus
ADV atmospheric dump valve
AE acceptance equipment
AE Anchor Site East (TA-9)
AE architect/engineer
AEAair entraining agent
AEAAtomic Energy Act of 1954
AEAAtomic Energy Authority (U.K.)
AEBauxiliary equipment building
AEC Associate Enforcement Counsel (EPA)
AEC Atomic Energy Commission (DOE predecessor)
AECAArms Export Control Act
AECLAtomic Energy of Canada, Ltd.
AEDAir Enforcement Division (EPA OECM)
AEDAatomic energy defense activities
AEDSatomic energy detection system
AEEAlliance for Environmental Education
AEEN Agence Européenne pour l'Énergie Nucléaire
AEERLAir and Energy Engineering Research Laboratory (EPA ORD)
AEMacoustic emission monitoring
AEMapplication evaluation matrix
AEMSautomated energy management system
AENadministrative exception note
AEOAtomic Energy Organization (Iran)
AEOSanalytic equation of state
AEPairport emergency plan 
AEPalkaline earth precipitate
AEPapplication environment profile (POSIX)
AERadvanced electric reactor
AERadvance engineering release
AERappropriate extent of remedy
AERaverage evoked response
AEREAssociation of Environmental & Resources Economists
AEREAtomic Energy Research Establishment
AESacceptance equipment system
AESaircraft earth station (telecom.)
AESatomic emission spectroscopy
AESAuger electron spectroscopy
AESDAdvanced Energy System Division (Westinghouse)
AETaccelerated environmental test
AETMaccelerated environmental test mockup
AEWairborne early warning


AF	Air Force (U.S.)
AF	affiliate
AF	auxiliary feed
AF	(drawing no. - operating procedure)
AFA	American Forestry Association
AFADS	automated flexible air defense system
AFAP	artillery-fired atomic projectile
AFATL	Air Force Armament and Testing Laboratory
AFB	air force base
AFB	atmospheric fluidized bed
AFC	automatic flow control
AFCSA/CC Commander, Air Force Center for Studies and Analysis
AFD	acid fractionator distillate
AFD	axial flux difference
AFDM	Advanced Fluid Dynamics Model [code]
AFE	analog front end
AFEL	advanced free-electron laser 
AFESC	Air Force Engineering & Sciences Center
AFF	adaptive feedforward
AF&F	arming, fuzing, and firing (component)
AFFF	aqueous film-forming foam
AFIC	Air Force Intelligence Command
AFGE	American Federation of Government Employees
AFGL	Air Force Geophysics Lab
AFGL	(atmospheric constituent model)
AFI	authority and format identifier (telecom.)
AF/IN	Air Force Asst. Chief of Staff, Intelligence
AF/INX	Air Force Asst. Chief of Staff, Director of Policy, Plans & & Programs
AFIS	automated fingerprint identification system
AFISA	Air Force Intelligence Support Agency
AFM	Adobe Font Manager
AFM	atomic force microscopy (also ATM)
AFNB	(U.S. Air Force Scientific Advisory Board)
AFNE	American for Nuclear Energy
AFO	available for obligations
AFOSR	Air Force Office of Scientific Research
AFP	advanced flexible processor
AFP	approved financial/funding plan
AFP	approved funding program
AFPEO/ST Air Force Programs Executive Officer, Director of Strategic Programs
AFR	Air Force Regulation 
AFR	air/fuel ratio
AFR	Arndt-Ford-Roper (two-pole fit)
AFR	audit finding report
AFS	Andrew file system
AFS	automatic fuel dispensing
AFS	auxiliary feedwater system
AFSAS	Air Force Director for Strategic Force Analysis
AFSCM	Air Force Systems Command Manual
AFSSO	Air Force Special Security Office
AFTAC	Air Force Technical Applications Center
AFV	alternative fuel vehicle
AFV	armored fighting vehicle
AFW	auxiliary feedwater
AFWL	Air Force Weapons Laboratory (KAFB)
AG	alternating gradient
AG	Australia Group (nonproliferation)
A.G.	Aktiengesellschaft; corporation
AGA	automatic gas analyzer
AGC	automatic gain control 
AGEN	General Accounting Branch (JCI)
AGEX	above ground experiments
AGFNET	Arbeitgemeinschaft der Grossforschungseinrichtungen
AGL	above ground level
AGM	associate general manager (EG&G RFO)
AGNS	Allied General Nuclear Services
AGR	advanced gas-cooled reactor
AGS	alternating-gradient synchrotron (BNL)
AGS	American Glovebox Society
AGS	annulus gas system
AGT	aboveground test
AGT	advanced ground transport
AGU	American Geophysical Union
AH	Akademiya Nauk (Russian Academy of Sciences)
AH	aldehyde
A/H	air handling
AHERA	Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act
AHF	Advanced Hadron Facility
AHP	analytical hierarchy process
AHS	automated highway system


AI	action item
AI	artificial intelligence
AI	Atomics International
AI	authorized inspector
A/I	accident/incident
A.I.	anno inventionis; in the year of the discovery
AIAIT	Army Intelligence and Threat Analysis Center
AIAS	automatic incident actuation system
AIC	acceptable intake for chronic exposure
AICC	adiabatic isochoric complete combustion
AICE	American Institute of Consulting Engineers
AIChE	American Institute of Chemical Engineers
AID	air inlet damper
AID	Agency for International Development
AIDS	Activity Information Data Systems
AIDS	autoimmune deficiency syndrome
AI-EOD	artificial intelligence-explosive ordnance disposal (LANL)
AIF	Atomic Industrial Forum, Inc.
AIFF	audio interchange file format
AIIM	Association for Information and Image Management
AIM	adaptive injection molding
AIM	advanced industrial materials
AIM	analytical instrumentation module
AIM	artificial ionization mirror
AIMS	advanced information management systems
AIMS	Automated Instrumentation and Monitoring System
AI&O	annual inspection and overhaul
AIP	additions in progress
AIP	agreement in principle
AIP	American Indian Program
AIP	American Institute of Physics
AIRAPT	(International Association for Research on High Pressure Science & Technology)
AIRFA	American Indian Religious Freedom Act
AIRS	advanced inertial reference sphere
AIS	acceptable intake for subchronic exposure
AIS	accumulator injection system
AIS	administrative information systems
AIS	advanced isotope separation 
AIS	affiliate information system
AIS	Affiliate and Immigration Services
AIS	automated information systems
AISC	American Institute of Steel Construction
AISC	(Industry, Science & Technology Canada)
AISD	Information Systems Department (JCI)
AISEC	Army Information Engineering Command
AISES	American Indian Science and Engineering Society
AIST	Agency of Industrial Science & Technology (Japan)
AIT	atmospheric interceptor technology
AIT	audit inventory team
A/I	adsorption isotherm
AIX	advanced interactive executive
AL	Albuquerque Operations Office
AL	Ames Laboratory
AL	analytical laboratory
AL	apparatus list (drawing no. prefix)
AL	authorized leave with pay (attendance code)
ALA	amino-levulinic acid
ALAP	as late as possible
ALAP	as low as possible/practicable
ALA-O	delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydrates
ALAPCO	Association of Local Air Pollution Control Officials
AL/APD	AL Advance Planning Division 
ALARA	as low as reasonably achievable
ALBM	air-launched ballistic missile
ALBURT	Albuquerque budget reform task
ALC	airlift circulator
ALC	allocations
ALCLAD	(clad aluminum alloy)
ALCM	air-launched cruise missile
ALCS	automated laboratory control system
ALDNW	Associate Laboratory Director for Nuclear Wapons
ALDSSR	Associate Laboratory for Strategic and Supporting Research
ALDTR	Associate Laboratory Director for Threat Reduction
ALE	arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (code)
ALEC	American Legislative Exchange Council
AL/EPD	AL Environmental Protection Division
ALEXIS	array of low-energy x-ray imaging sensors
AL/FPMD	AL Facilities Planning and Maintenance Division
AL/HPD	AL Health Protection Division
ALJ	Administrative Law Judge
ALI	Alpha/LAMP Integration
ALI	annual limit on intake
ALKEM	(German laboratory/firm)
AL/KAO	AL Kirtland Area Office
AL/MRD	AL Management Review Division
ALMS	atomic line molecular spectroscopy
ALO	Albuquerque Operations Office
ALOO	Albuquerque Operations Office
AL/OESH	AL Office of Environment, Safety, and Health
AL/OIEA	AL Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs
AL/OQD	AL Operations Safety Division
ALP	airport layout plan 
ALP	assembly language preprocessor
ALPAL	(parallel program developed at LLNL)
AL/PIRD	AL Personnel, Industrial Relations Division
ALPMI	AL property management instructions
ALPR	Argonne Low Power Reactor
ALPS	accidental launch protection system
ALPS	alternate launch point system
ALS	accident localization system (reactor)
ALR	administrative license revocation
ALS	advanced launch system
ALS	advanced light source
ALSAS	At-Line Solution Assay
ALSI	aluminum silicon alloy
AL/SPD	AL Special Programs Division
ALT	alteration
ALU	arithmetic logic unit
AL-WDD	AL Weapons Development Division
AL/WMOSD AL Waste Management & Operational Surety Division
AM	Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual
AM	Ampex, Inc.
AM	(drawing no. prefix-tester control program)
A&M	agricultural and mechanical (college/univ)
AMAD	activity-median aerodynamic diameter
AMAX	American Metals Climax (potash mine)
AMBIENS	atmospheric mass balance of industrially emitted and natural sulfur
AMC	American Mining Congress
AMC	appraisal management center
AMC	Army Materiel Command
AMD	Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
AMD	alpha activity median diameter
AMDA	acceptable minimum detectable activity
AMDO	Administration (JCI)
AMESS	autonomous machine environmental surveillance system
AMFS	advanced manufacturing feasibility studies
AMHR	Human Resources Department (JCI)
AMI	Advanced Manufacturing Initiative
AMI	alternate mark inversion (telecom.)
AMI	automated microwave instrumentation
AML	acronym master list
AML	Advanced Materials Laboratory (Albuq.)
AMO	Advanced Munitions Office
AMOS	azimuthally symmetric mode simulator
AMP	advanced machining program
AMP	Alliance for Minority Participation 
AMP	asbestos management plan
AMP	asynchronous multiprocessing
AMPS	advanced mobile phone service (standard)
AMPS	airborne multisensor pod system
AMRR	Army Material Research Reactor
AMR	adaptive mesh refinement
AMR	Atlantic Missile Range
AMRV	advanced maneuvering re-entry vehicle
AMS	aerial measurement station
AMS	aerial monitoring/measurement system
AMS	American Mathematical Society
AMS	analysis mass spectrometer
AMS	applied mathematical science
AMS	appraisal management system
AMS	Army Map Service
AMS	atmospheric measurement system
AMS	atomic mass spectrometry
AMSD	Airport Management Services Division (JCI)
AMSG	appropriate military systems guide
AMSS	Security Branch (JCI)
AMT	Apple Media Tool
AMT	Association of Manufacturing Technology
AMTEL	Advanced Materials Testing & Evaluation Laboratory
AMTEX	American Textiles (DOE partnership)
AMTL	Army Material Test Laboratory
AMU	aqueous makeup
amu	atomic mass unit


AN	Air Force/Navy specification
AN	ammonium nitrate
ANACONDA (intense electron beam accelerator)
AN can	(metal drum)
ANDAS	Advanced Neutron Detection Analysis System
ANEC	American Nuclear Energy Council
ANFO	ammonium nitrate/fuel oil
ANI	actual net interchange
ANI	authorized nuclear inspector
ANI	automatic number identification used for telecom.
ANL	Argonne National Laboratory
ANL-E	Argonne National Laboratory-East
ANL-W	Argonne National Laboratory-West
ANM	alternate nuclear materials
ANN	artificial neural network
ANOI	advance notice of intent
ANOVA	analysis of variance
ANPR	advance notice of proposed rulemaking
ANRHRD	Air, Noise & Radiation Health Research Division (EPA ORD)
ANS	advanced network and services
ANS	advanced neutron source
ANS	American National Standard
ANS	American Nuclear Society
ANS	autonomic nervous system
ANSI	American National Standards Institute
ANSS	American Nature Study Society
AN-SSSR	Academy of Sciences (U.S.S.R.)
ANSTO	Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization
ANTA	5-amino-3-nitro-1H-1,2,4-triazole
ANTARES	Advanced Nuclear Thermal Rocket Engine Simulator
ANTHEM	(plasma simulation code)
ANTI-C	anti-contamination (used for clothing)
ANWR	Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
AO	abnormal occurrence
AO	Accounting Office, 04/50­03/81
AO	administrative order
AO	air overseas (mail)
AO	annotated outline
AOC	abnormal operating condition
AOC	area of concern
AOC	area of contamination
AOCE	Apple Open Collaboration Environment
AOD	argon-oxygen decarbonization
AOG	acid offgas
AOG	augmented offgas
AOM	annual operating and maintenance (cost)
AOML	Atlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Laboratory
AOO	anticipated operational occurrence
AOP	abnormal operating procedure
AOP	annual operating plan
AOPR	associated offices of primary responsibility
AOQL	average outgoing quality limit
AOS	alternative operator services
AOS/VS	advanced operating system/virtual storage
AOT	Accelerator Operations and Technology Division, 10/93-
AOTF	acousto-optical tunable filter
AOV	air-operated valve


AP	access permit
AP	action plan
AP	administrative procedure
AP	ammonium perchlorate
AP	Amparo
AP	application process/program
AP	Applied Photochemistry Division, 7/76­8/82
AP	armor-piercing
AP	assigned personnel
APA	Administrative Procedures Act
APA	American Planning Association
APAY	Payroll Accounting Branch (JCI)
APC	ammonium perchlorate
APC	argon purge cart
APCA	Air Pollution Control Association
A&PCT	active and passive gamma-ray spectrometry computed tomography
APD	Advanced Planning Division (DOE)
APD	advance planning document/directive
APD	areal power density
APD	avalanche photodiode
APDCS	axial power distribution monitoring system
APDF	accelerator performance demonstration facility
APE	action plan element
APEC	Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation
APEC	Asian-Pacific Employees Committee
APEN	air pollution emissions notice
APET	accident progression event tree
APEX	advance purchase excursion (fare/ticket)
APEX	APLE Prototype Experiment
APEX	(pure explosives database)
APF	automatic pressure filter
APHA	American Public Health Association
API	absolute position indication
API	American Petroleum Institute
API	application program interface
APL	Applied Physics Laboratory
API	armor-piercing incendiary 
API	axial power indicator

API (application programming interface) A set of subroutines or functions that a program, or application, can call to tell the operating system to perform some task. The Windows API consists of more than 1,000 functions that programs written in C, C++, Pascal, and other languages can call to create windows, open files, and perform other essential tasks. An application that wants to display an on-screen message can call Windows' MessageBox API function, for example.

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) Pronounced "ass-kee." A standard developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) describing how characters can be represented on a computer. The ASCII character set consists of 128 characters numbered from 0 to 127 and includes numerals, punctuation symbols, letters, and special control codes such as end-of-line characters. The letter A, for example, is represented by the number 65. Most personal computers use some form of the ASCII character set. (One exception: computers running Windows NT, which uses the newer and more expansive Unicode character set.)

ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) An integrated-circuit chip designed for a particular use rather than general use. Many video boards and modems use ASICs.

ATA (AT attachment) The specification, formulated in the 1980s by a consortium of hardware and software manufacturers, that defines the IDE drive interface. AT refers to the IBM PC/AT personal computer and its bus architecture. IDE drives are sometimes referred to as ATA drives or AT bus drives. The newer ATA-2 specification defines the EIDE interface, which improves upon the IDE standard. See also IDE and EIDE.

APL	average power laser
APLE	average power laser experiment
APM	advanced power management
APM	axial power monitor
APMS	accountable property management system (JCI)
APN	advance purchasing notice
APN	augmented proportional navigation
APO	Administrative Policy Office
APO	Army Post Office
APOLLO2	(SRL code for operating limits)
APPA	American Public Power Association
APPLY	(parallel program generation; CMU)
APPR	Army package power reactor
APR	Aberdeen Pulsed Reactor Facility
APR	air purifying respirator
APR	automatic pressure relief
APRF	Army Pulse Radiation Facility
APRM	average power range monitor
APS	Advanced Power Source
APS	American Physical Society
APS	Argonne Photo Source
APS	array processing system
APS	atomic power station
APS	authorization planning schedule
APS	autocorrelated photon spectroscopy
APS	auxiliary power system
APS	axial power shape
APT	accelerator production of tritium
APT	Alliance for Photonic Technology
APU	auxiliary power unit
AQCA	Air Quality Control Act
AQD	Air Quality Digest 
AQCR	Air Quality Control Region (CAA)
AQCR	Air Quality Control Regulation (NM)
AQIRP	Auto-Oil Air Quality Improvement Research Program
AQL	acceptable quality level
AQMA	air quality maintenance area
AQRV	Air Quality Related Value
AQS	Air Quality Standard
AQSM	air quality simulation model
AR	administrative requirement
AR	aromatic
AR	arsenide
AR	as required
AR	auto-regressive
A&R	air and radiation
ARA	Apple Remote Access
ARAC	atmospheric release advisory capability
ARAP	Aeronautical Research Associations­Princeton
ARAR	applicable or relevant and appropriate
ARB	Accommodations Review Board (obsolete; see DIB)
ARBI	adjusted running book inventory
ARC	accelerating rate calorimetry
ARC	Ames Research Center
ARCC	American Rivers Conservation Council
ARCCC	Accident Response Capabilities Coordinating Committee
ARCHIE	(archive server listing service, Internet)
ARCnet	Attached Resource Computer Network
ARD	Air & Radiation Division (EPA)
ARDEC	Armament Research, Development, and Engineering Center (Army)
ARES	advanced re-entry system
ARF	airborne release fraction 
AR&FF	aircraft rescue and fire fighting
ARG	Accident Response Group
ARG	American Resources Group
ARGOS	AUTEC real-time graphics on-line support system
ARGUS	Argonne Unified Safeguards
ARGUS	(LLNL research laser, 1976)
ARHI	airborne radioactivity hazard index
ARI	alternate rod insertion
ARIES	Advanced Recovery and Integrated Extraction System (project)
ARIES	automated retirement and integrated extraction system
ARL	Army Research Laboratory
ARLL	advanced run-length-limited
ARM	area radiation monitor
ARM	atmospheric radiation measurement
ARM	Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program
ARM	atmospheric radiation monitoring
ARMA	auto-regressive moving average
ARMD	Records/Mail Branch (JCI)
ARMS	area radiation monitoring system
ARO	Army Research Office
ARP	address resolution protocol
ARPA	Advanced Research Projects Office
ARPA	Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979
ARPANET	(computer network; now DDN)
ARR	Association for Radiation Research (U.K.)
ARS	acoustic resonance spectroscopy 
ARS	advance record system
ARS	American Rocket Society
ARS	amplified response spectrum
ARS	as required for subject assembly
ARS	atomic resonance spectroscopy
ARS	AUTEC Range Services (JCI/Computer Services Corp.)
ARS	Automatic Route Selection
ART	aqueous recycle technologies
ARTEMIS	advanced radio-frequency test and evaluation measurements and interpretation system 
ARU	acid recovery unit
ARZ	auto-restricted zone 
Arzamas-16 (site of All-Russian Institute of Experimental Physics)


AS	abstract syntax
AS	annual summary
AS	aqueous solution
AS	area source
AS	assistant secretary (DOE)
AS	autonomous system
AS	aviation safety
A&S	accident and sickness
ASA	attribute SAS authority (SAS screen)
ASA	accelerated safety assessment
ASALM	advanced strategic air-launched missile
ASAP	Ariane structure for auxiliary payloads
ASAP	as soon as possible
ASAT	antisatellite (weapon)
ASB	advanced strategic bomb
ASC	administrative safety control
ASCC	alternate security control center
ASCE	American Society of Civil Engineers
ASCI	Advanced/Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative
ASCII	American Standard Code for Information Interchange 
ASCOT	atmospheric simulations over complex terrain
ASCOT	atmospheric studies over complex terrain
ASD	Accelerating Structure Development
ASE	Amplified Spontaneous Emission
ASEP	Accident Sequence Evaluation Program
ASER	Annual Site Environmental Report
ASESA	Armed Services Electro Standards Agency
ASG	auxiliary steam generator
ASHAA	Asbestos in Schools Hazard Abatement Act
ASHRAE	American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers
ASI	Advanced Simulation Initiative
ASIC	application-specific integrated circuit
ASIS	American Society for Industrial Security
ASIWPCA	Association of State & Interstate Water Pollution Control Administrators
ASL	above sea level
ASL	Advanced Simulation Laboratory
ASL	American Sign Language
ASLB	Atomic Safety Licensing Board
ASLV	augmented satellite launch vehicle (India)
ASM	American Society for Metals
A&SM	attrition and special materials
ASME	American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASN.1	abstract syntax language one (ISO/OSI)
ASNT	American Society for Nondestructive Testing
ASNT-TC-LA (ASNT­Personnel Qualifications Standards)
ASP	administrative site procedures
ASP	Advanced Study Program
ASP	alarms and shutdown process
ASP	Astronomical Society of the Pacific 
ASPA	American Society of Public Administration
ASPEA	Association Suisse pour l'Énergie Atomique
ASPR	Armed Services Procurement Regulation
ASQC	American Society for Quality Control
ASR	automatic send and receive
ASRF	Advanced Size Reduction Facility
ASROC	antisubmarine rocket
ASSIGN	(parallel program generator; CMU)
AST	aboveground storage tank
AST	AVCO Systems Textron
ASTAB	asynchronous status board
ASTHO	Association of State & Territorial Health Officials
ASTIA	Armed Services Technical Information Agency
ASTM	American Society for Testing and Materiaals
ASTSWMO	Association of State & Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials
ASW	antisubmarine warfare
AT	abnormal transient
AT	Accelerator Operations and Technology Division; see AOT
AT	Accelerator Technology Division, 1/78­??/93
AT	acceptance test
AT	advanced technology (IBM, 1984)
AT	Antarctic Treaty
AT	applied technology
AT	attenuator
ATAC	Advanced Technology Assessment Center
ATACMS	Army Tactical Missile System
ATAPI	AT attachment packet interface
ATB	advanced technology bomber (stealth)
ATBM	anti-tactical ballistic missile
ATD	advanced technology demonstration
ATE	automated test equipment
ATEGG	advanced turbine-engine gas generator
ATEM	analytical transmission 
ATEN	Association Technique de l'Énergie Nucléaire (France)
ATHENA	Advanced Thermal-Hydraulic Energy Network Analyzer
ATI	Albuquerque Technology Incubator
ATL	automatic tape library
ATLAS	Advanced Testing Line for Actinide Separations
ATM	Adobe Type Manager
ATM	asynchronous transfer mode
ATM	automated/automatic teller machine
ATMS	automated transportation management system (materials)
ATMX	atomic materials rail transport car
ATN	accelerator technical note
ATN	aeronautical telecommunications network
ATNA	annual training needs assessment
ATOG	abnormal test procedure operator guidelines
ATOG	abnormal transient operator guidelines
ATOMAL	(NATO term applied to RD/FRD)
ATP	Advanced Technology Program (DOC)
ATP	acceptance test procedure
ATP	annual training plan
ATP	acquisition, tracking, and pointing
ATP	acquisition, tracking, and positioning
ATP	adenosine triphosphate
A&TP	assembly and test pit
ATR	advanced test reactor
ATR	Alliance for Transportation Research (LANL, SNL, UNM, NMSU, NMTD)
ATR	automatic target recognition
ATRAP	air-transportable RADIAC package
ATRAP	Alliance for Transportation Research
ATRMD	Air, Toxics & Radiation Monitoring Research Division (EPA ORD)
ATS	Accelerator Test Stand
ATS	action tracking system/strategy
ATS	aerothermal structure
ATS	alternative test system
ATS	applicant tracking system
ATS	audit tracking system
ATS	automatic transfer stand
ATS	automatic transfer switch
ATSD (AE) Assistant to the Secretary of Defense (Atomic Energy)
ATSDR	Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (CDC)
ATSR	Argonne Thermal Source Reactor
ATSU	Accelerator Test Stand Upgrade
ATTF	air toxics task force
ATU	amplifier test/technology unit
ATV	all-terrain vehicle
ATV	Ariane transfer vehicle
ATW	accelerator transmutation of waste
ATWS	anticipated transient without scram


AU	astronomical unit
AU	authors system
AUI	archiver user interface
AUI	attachment unit interface
AUP	acceptable use policy
AUS	authority services (SAS screen)
AUTEC	Atlantic Undersea Test & Evaluation Center (U.S. Navy)
AUTODIN	automatic digital network
AUTO-SEVOCOM automatic secure voice communications network
AUTOVON	automatic voice network
AUW	advanced underseas weapon
AV	audio-visual (also A/V)
AVI	audio-video interleaved (Windows format)
AVLIS	atomic vapor laser isotope separation
AVM	airborne vapor monitor
AVMS	annulus vacuum maintenance system
AVO	avoid verbal orders
AVS	application visualization system (IBM)
AVT	all volatile treatment
AW	absent without leave (attendance code)
AW	acid waste
AW	active well
AW	Anchor (Ranch) Site West (TA-8)
AWACS	Airborne Warning and Control System
AWC	Association of Women in Computing
AWCC	active well coincidence counter
AWE	Atomic Weapons Establishment (U.K.)
AWEA	American Wind Energy Association
AWES	American Wind Energy Systems
AWF	Aging Waste Facility
AWG	American wire gauge
AWISE	Association of Women in Science and Engineering
awk	(UNIX utility)
AWQC	Ambient Water Quality Criteria
AWRDF	Advanced Weapons Radiochemical Diagnostics Facility
AWRE	Atomic Weapon Research Establishment (U.K.)
AWS	administrative workstation
AWS	American Welding Standards
AWSC	aqueous water-soluble chelator
AWSIMS	air war simulations
AWTG	Atomic Weapons Training Group (FCDNA)
AWWA	American Water Works Association
AWU	Associated Western Universities, Inc.
AXAF	advanced x-ray astrophysics facility
AX	acceptance requirements index
AX	auxiliary systems
AXAF	advanced x-ray astrophysics facility
AY	(Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore, drawing  no. prefix)
AYS	at your service
		B	Return to Alphabet

B	bandwidth
B	biocide
B	Operation Crossroads Division, 1946
B-	bomb (weapon designator)
B-1	(visitor on business visa)
B-1	(NCSC software security level)
BA	basic assembly
BA	budget authority/authorization
B.A.	baccalaureus artium; bachelor of arts
BAA	broad agency announcement
BAA	Buy American Act
BAC	biotechnology advisory committee
BAC	blood alcohol concentration
BAC	Boeing Aerospace company
BAC	boric acid concentrator
BAC	budget at completion
BACER	Biological and Climatological Effects Research
BACT	best available control technology
BADT	best available demonstrated technology 
BAF	bioaccumulation factor
BAFO	best and final offer
BAM	Berkeley Abstract Machine
BAM	Brooklyn Arts Museum
BAM	Bundesanstalf für Materielprüfung (Germany)
BANSHEE	Beam Accelerator for Novel Super High Energy Electron
BAP	benefits analysis program
BAP	branch arm piping
BaP	benzo(a)pyrene
BARC	Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (India)
BART	Bay Area Rapid Transit (California)
BART	best available retrofit technology
BASIC	beginner's all-purpose symbolic instruction code (computer language)
BASIS	Battelle Automated Search Information System
BAT	best available technology
BAT	borehole acoustic televiewer
BAT	boric acid tank/transfer
BATEA	best available technology economically achievable
BATSE	burst and transient source experiment
BATSF	Beryllium Atomization and Thermal Spray Facility
BB	big business (LANL vendor liaison office)
BBC	balanced biological communities
BBC	British Broadcasting Corporation
BBF	bursty bulk flow
BBGKY	Bogoliubov-Born-Green-Kirkwood-Yvon
BBN	Bolt Beranek & Newman, Inc.
BBP	best business practice
BBRD	broadband radiation detector
BBRD	broadband receiver digitizer
BBRR	Brookhaven Beam Research Reactor
BBS	bulletin board system

BBS (bulletin board system) A term for dial-up on-line systems from which users can download software, leave messages for other users, and exchange information. BBSes proliferated in the 1980s with the advent of inexpensive PCs and modems. Today, more than 65,000 are estimated to be operating in the United States alone.

BBU	beam breakup
BBXRT	broadband x-ray telescope


BCC	blind (carbon) copy
BCC	block check character
bcc	body-centered cubic
BCCB	Baseline Change Control Board
BCD	barcode decal
BCD	binary coded decimal
BCDTL	bridge-coupled drift tube linac
BCF	bioconcentration factor
BCL	Battelle Columbus Laboratory
BCM	boiler-condenser mode (heat transfer)
BCME	bis(chloromethyl) ether
BCP	broadband communications product
BCS	Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer
BCS	basic combined subset
bct	body-centered tetragonal
BCT	best available pollution control technology
BCU	base-line control unit
BCWP	budgeted cost for work performed
BCWS	budgeted cost for work scheduled
BD	base-line design
BD	blood donation (attendance code)
BD	blowdown
Bd.	Band; volume (German)
BDASS	basic data analysis subsystem
BDAT	best demonstrated available technology
BDBA	beyond-design-basis accident
BDBE	beyond-design-basis event
BDC	before declassification
BDC	Bomb Data Center (FBI)
BDD	base-line document description
BDI	blast door interlock
BDL	below detection limits
BDM	BDM Corp. (Braddock, Dunn, McDonald)
BDT	bomb disposal technician
BE	best estimate (code)
BE	binding energy
BE	brilliant eyes
BEA	building evacuation area
BEAMS	Becoming Enthusiastic About Math and Science
BEAR	beam experiment aboard a rocket
BECAMP	basic environmental compliance and monitoring program
BEF	bottom end fitting
BEI	biological exposure index
BEIR	biological effects of ionizing radiation
BEJ	best engineering judgment
BEJ	best expert judgment
BEP	Black Employment Program
BEP	building emergency plan
BER	basic encoding rules (ASN.1)
BER	beryllium electrorefining
BER	Biological and Environmental Research 
BER	bit error rate
BER	budget execution review
BERP	Biological & Environmental Research Program
BES	Basic Energy Sciences
BET	beryllium worker training
BET	Brunauer­Emmett­Teller (theory/equation)
BETA	Beta Site (TA-5)


B&F	building and facilities
BFA	blank fire adapter
BFD	basis for design
BFE	Blacker front end
BFI	bottom fitting insert
BFI	brain functional imaging
BFO	blazing flash of the obvious
BFP	backflow preventer
BFP	boiler feed pump
BFS	beam foil spectroscopy
BFS	bitfile server for HPSS (API)
BFS	budget forecasting section
BFW	boiler feed water
BG	budget guidance
BG	burial grounds
BGCP	burner gas cock position
BGI	Beta-Gamma Incinerator (SRS/SRL)
BGO	(bismuth germanium particle detector, LAMPF)
BGP	border gateway protocol
BGRR	Brookhaven Graphite Research Reactor
BGS	blanket gas system
BHC	benzene hexachloride
BHC	borehole compensated
BHN	Brinnell hardness number
BHT	bottom hole temperature
BHW	boiler, hot water
BI	book inventory
BI	Brookings Institution
BIA	Bureau of Indian Affairs
BID	buoyancy induced dispersion
BIND	Berkeley Internet Name Domain
BIOS	basic input/output system
BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) Pronounced "by-oss." A set of low-level routines in a computer's ROM that application programs (and operating systems) can use to read characters from the keyboard, output characters to printers, and interact with the hardware in other ways. Many plug-in adapters include their own BIOS modules that work in conjunction with the BIOS on the system board.
BIPP	B-Plant Immobilization Pilot Plant
BIPS	billion instructions per second
BIPY	2,2',bypyridine
BIRD	Binational Industrial Research & Development Foundation (U.S.-Israel)
bit	binary digit
BIT	boron injection tank
BITNET	Because It's Time/There Network
BKC	Bendix (Corp.), Kansas City (Division)
BL	beta lambda
BL	broken loop
BLACS	basic linear algebra communication routines
BLAS	basic linear algebra subprograms
BLC	boundary layer control
BLEVE	boiling-liquid expanding-vapor explosion
BLIMP	boundary layer integral matrix procedure
BLM	beam loss monitor
BLM	Bureau of Land Management
BLO	Barbie Liberation Organization
BLOB	biologically liberated organo-beasties
BLS	Bureau of Labor Statistic
BLWT	boiling light-water tank
BL0	butt line zero
BM	battle management (DoD)
BM	building manager
BM	burst mode (FEL)
BM/C3	battle management/command, control, and communication
BMD	ballistic missile defense
BMD	battle management defense
BMDO	Ballistic Missile Defense Organization
BMEP	brake mean effective pressure
BMEWS	ballistic missile early warning system
BMFT	Bundesministerium für Technologie (Federal Minister for Research and Technology, Germany)
BMI	Battelle Memorial Institute
BMO	Ballistic Missile Office
BMP	best management practice
BMP	bit-mapped (file extension)
BMPF	best management practice finding
BMR	base-line monitoring report (CWA)
BMRR	Brookhaven Medical Research Reactor
BMT	bulk moderator temperature
BMW	bombardment wing (FEMA)
BN	Bechtel Nevada
BNA	Bureau of National Affairs 
BNCT	boron neutron-capture therapy
BNFL	British Nuclear Fuels Limited
BNFL	BNFL Engineering Ltd
BNI	Bechtel National, Inc.
BNL	Brookhaven National Laboratory
BNM	Bandelier National Monument
BNPI	Benedict Nuclear Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
BNWL	Battelle (Pacific) Northwest Laboratory


BO	back order
BO	budget outlay
BOA	basic ordering agreement
BOA	blanket order agreement
BOA	broad ocean area
BOC	beginning of cycle (reactor operations)
BOC	Bell Operating Co. (telecom.)
BOCREC	bottom-of-core recovery
BOD	biochemical/biological oxygen demand
BOE	Bureau of Explosives
BOF	basic oxygen furnace
BOL	beginning of life
BOM	bill of material
BOM	Bureau of Mines
BOP	balance of plant
BOP	basic oxygen process
BOP	bit-oriented protocol
BOR	burnout risk
BOSARI	body of severe-accident review information
BOSI	body of safety information (database)
BOSS	Badge Office Security System
BOY	beginning of year (balance for goods and services on order)
BP	back propagation
BP	before present
BP	borrowed personnel
B&P	bid and proposal
BPA	blanket purchase agreement
BPA	borrowed personnel agreement
BPA	Bonneville Power Administration
BPE	barometric pressure evaluation
BPH	benign prostatic hyperplasia
BPI	base performance/percentage increase
BPJ	best professional judgment (CWA)
BPM	beam position monitor
BPN	breakdown pulse noise
BPO	Bartlesville Project Office
BPR	burnable poison rod
BPR	business process reengineering
BPS	basic partitioning scheme
bps	bits per second
BPSA	beam power spectrum analyzer
BPT	best practical technology/treatment
B&PV	boiler and pressure vessel
B&PW	boiler and pressure vessel code (ASME)
BR	breeder reactor
BR	BR Site (TA-47)
BR	business roundtable
B&R	budget and reporting (code)
BRACC	Base Realignment & Closure Commission
BRASS	Basic Rapid Alarm Security System
BRC	below regulatory concern
BRC	budget and reporting classification
BRC	business reply card
BRCC	Blue Ribbon Citizens' Committee
BRD	Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Federal Republic of [West] Germany)
BRITE	Basic Research in Industrial Technologies Europe
BRL	Ballistic Research Laboratory
BR-3	(experimental power reactor in Belgium)
BRS	Bibliographic Retrieval Service


BS	beam splitter
BS	boiler, steam
BS	broadcast satellite
BSA	balance sheet account
BSA	Business Software Association
BSAC	Biotechnology Science Advisory Committee
B.S.	baccalaureus scientiae; bachelor of science (also B.Sc.)
BSC	bomb shape components
BSCCO	bismuth-strontium-calcium-copper oxide
BSD	Berkeley Software Distribution (UNIX)
BSD	Berkeley Software Design, Inc. (UNIX)
BSE	basic semiconductor equation
BSE	boresight error
BSG	base spares group
BSI	British Standards Institute
BSMT	basement
BSO	benzene-soluble organics
BSO	bismuth silicon oxide
BSR	base spares report
BSRL	base spare repair list
BST	bleed storage tank
BST	blowdown suppression tank
BST	boron storage tank
BSTS	Boost Surveillance and Tracking System 
BSTS	Brumman Satellite
BTAG	Biological Technical Assistance Group
BTEX	benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene
BTI	balanced technology initiative
BTI	Biomagnetic Technologies, Inc.
BTL	Bell Telephone Laboratories
BTS	beam transport system
BTS	boosting and transfer systems
BTU	basic transmission unit
Btu	British thermal unit
BTX	benzene, toluene, xylene
BTW	buried transuranic waste
BU	bargaining unit
BU	Butler Services
BUCS	Budgeting and Computing System
BUD	Budget Division, 08/80­??/91?
BUN	blood urea nitrogen
BURPA	basic research proposal announcement
BUS	Business Operations Division, 10/93­
BV	building ventilation
BW	bridgewire
B&W	Babcock and Wilcox
BWC	Biological Weapons Convention
BWHC	Babcock & Wilcox Hanford Company
BWIP	Basalt Waste Isolation Project
BWO	backward wave oscillator
BWP	buried waste program
BWPI	Babcock & Wilcox Protec, Inc.
BWR	boiling-water reactor
BWS	boiler, water supply
BWST	borated water storage tank
BX	base exchange
BXA	Bureau of Export Administration (DOC)
BXT	benzene, xylene, and toluene
BY	budget year
BZ	benzene
BZ	buckled zones
		C	Return to Alphabet

C	conference (LA-series report designator)
C	confidential
C	connecting cable
C	consolidation plan
C	convective
C	Computing and Communications Division (03/84­10/93)
C	Computing Division 01/80­03/84
C	Computing Sciences/Services 04/68­01/80
C	(high-level programming language; descendant of B)
C-2	(NCSC software security level)
C3	Command, Control & Communications
C4	command, control, communication & computers
CA	cellular automata
CA	charge amplifier
CA	chemical addition
CA	Citizen Act
CA	compressor, air
CA	Computer Associates International, Inc.
CA	Office of Congressional Affairs
CA	contract administrator
CA	cooperative agreement
CA	corrective activities/action
CA	critical assembly
CA	on-call pay (attendance code)
CAA	Clean Air Act
CAA	compliance assurance agreement
CAA	Concepts Analysis Agency (U.S. Army)
CAA	contaminant analysis automation
CAAA	Clean Air Act Amendments
CAALS	Consortium on Automated Standards
CAAS	chloride aqueous actinide separation
CAAZ	construction authorization application
CAC	California Administrative Code
CACM	Communications of the ACM
CAD	computer-aided design
CAD	containment atmosphere dilution
CAD	corrective action design
CADD	computer-aided design and drafting
CADP	Coordinator for Automatic Data Processing, 07/66­04/68
CAE	computer-aided engineering
CAE	cooler, air evaporative
CAEP	China Academy of Engineering Physics
CAER	community awareness and emergency response
CAERD	Clean Air and Environmental Reporting Division (EG&G RFP)
CAF	combustion air flow
CAFE	corporate average fuel economy
CAFEE	critical assembly fuel element exchange
CAFM	computer-aided facilities management
CAFO	consent agreement/final order
CAG	carcinogen assessment group (EPA ORD)
CAGEC 	commercial and government entity code
CAI	carcinogen activity indicator
CAI	computer-aided instruction
CAI	Controlled Air Incinerator
CAIN	controlled access by individual number
CAIR	comprehensive assessment information rule
CAIRS	computerized accident/incident reporting  system
CAL	computer-aided learning
CALCOR	Campus-Laboratory Collaborative Research Program Nuclear Science Fund
CALE	(2-D arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian code)
CALIOPE	chemical analysis by laser interrogation of proliferant effluents
CALLS	California Academia Libraries List of Serials
Cal/OSHA California Occupational Safety and Health Administration
CALS	computer-aided acquisition and logistics support
CALS	continuous acquisition and life-cycle support program
Caltech	California Institute of Technology
CALUTRON California University Cyclotron
CAM	computer-aided machining /manufacturing
CAM	constant/continuous air monitor
CAM	content-addressed memory
CAM	contract area manager
CAMAC	computer-automated measurement and control
CAMP	Capital Assets Management Program
CAMP	Cleveland Area Manufacturing Program
CAMP	Code Assessment & Maintenance Program
CAMS	Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (LLNL)
CAMS	Containment Activity Monitoring System
CAMSE	Council to Advance Math and Science Education
CAMU	corrective action management unit
CAN	Community Alert Network (emergency)
CANDU	Canadian deuterium-uranium (natural-uranium, heavy-water-moderated and -cooled power reactor)
CAP	capital accumulation provision (UCRP)
CAP	Civil Air Patrol
CAP	combat air patrol
CAP	computer application profile
CAP	continuous audit program
CAP	corrective action plan
CAP	cost allocation procedure
CAP	criteria air pollutant
CAPA	critical aquifer protection area
CAPCE	corrective action plan cost estimates
CAPE	Civilian Application Programs Engineering (NTIS number)
CAPE	computer-aided pattern engineering 
CAPS	Cassini plasma spectrometer
CAR	concept assessment report
CAR	configuration acceptance review
CAR	contract administrator representative
CAR	control advisory release
CAR	corrective action reporting
CARB	California Air Resources Board
CARC	containment air recirculation and cooling
CARD	Citizens Against Radioactive Dumping
CARE	cataloging and rapid entry process
CARLA	computer-assisted retrieval at Los Alamos
CARS	coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy/scattering
CARS	containment atmosphere recirculation system
CART	cloud and radiation testbed
CAS	casual (employee status)
CAS	Center for Automotive Safety
CAS	central alarm station/system
CAS	Chemical Abstract Service
CAS	collision avoidance system
CAS	combined anode stirrer
CAS	condition assessment survey (DOE)
CAS	Consultant and Affiliate Services (now AIS)
CAS	containment assessment plan
CAS	control alarm station 
CAS	cost accounting standards
CAS	criticality alarm system
C.A.S.	Chemical Abstract Service Registry
CASA	Center Against Sexual Assault
CASA	(computer testbed wide-area network)
CASAC	Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CAA)
CASB	Cost Accounting Standards Board
CASC	Coalition for Academic Supercomputer Centers
CASE	computer-aided software engineering
CASS	Computer-Assisted Surveillance System
CASSI	Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index
CAST	Centro de Asistancia y Servicios Technologicos (Juarez, Mexico)
CAST	Chinese Academy of Space Technology
CAST	Committee of Advisors on Science & Technology (President's)
CAT	category
CAT	change agent team
CAT	chemical addition tank
CAT	compact audio technology
CAT	compliance assessment team
CAT	computer-aided training
CAT	computerized axial tomography
CAT	concatenate
CAT	conditionally accepted tag
CAT	crack arrest temperature
CAT	cryogenic accelerator technology
CATG	capital assets task group
CATS	computer-assisted tracking system
CATS	corrective action tracking system
CATV	community antenna television (cable)
CAU	carbon absorption unit
CAU	command arithmetic unit
CAV	constant angular velocity
CAW	cooler, air, chilled water
CAYG	clean as you go


CB	cataclysmic binary
CB	chlorobromo-methane
CB	circulation blower
CB	citizens' band (radio)
CB	conduction band
CB	containment breach
CB	continuous bubbler
CB	control/containment building
CB	cost/benefit analysis
C&B	compensation and benefits
CBA	collective bargaining agreement
CBA	cost-benefit analysis
CBB	control budget base
CBC	circulating bed combuster
CBD	Commerce Business Daily
C/BD	chemical/biological (weapons) defense
CBED	convergent beam electron attraction
CBERS	China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite
CBI	compliance biomonitoring inspection (CWA)
CBI	confidential business information
CBI	crossbar interface
CBM	capacitive beam monitor
CBM	confidence-building measures
CBNM	Central Bureau of Nuclear Measurements
CBO	Congressional Budget Office
CBOD	carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand
CBR	California bearing ratio
CBR	commercial breeder reactor
CBR	constant bit rate
CBRS	Coastal Barrier Resources System
CBS	central budgeting system
CBS	crossbar switch
CBT	computer-based training
CBW	chemical and biological weapons/warfare
CC	(carbon) copy
CC	charge control
CC	common cause
CC	component check
CC	component cooling
CC	construction component
CC	copies
CC	core component
CC	cost center
CC	coupled channel
CC	cryogenic calorimeter
C&C	Consultation and Cooperation Agreement
CCA	contamination control area
CCAA	Canadian Clean Air Act
CCAFS	Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
C-CAP	coast watch change analysis program
CC&AT	cross-cutting and advanced technologies
CCB	Configuration Control Board
CCB	control budget base
C3	command, control, and communication
C3I	command, control, communication, and intelligence
CCCP	(Russian initialism for former U.S.S.R.)
CCD	charge-coupled device
CCD	Conference of the Committee on Disarmament
CCDF	complementary cumulative distribution function
CCEA	conventional combustion environmental assessment
CCF	Central Computing Facility
CCF	common-cause failure
CCF	communications control field
CCFL	countercurrent flow limitation
CCHW	Citizens Clearinghouse for Hazardous Wastes
CCIC	California Casualty Insurance Company
CCID	Confidential Chemicals Identification System
CCIO	contract counterintelligence officer
CCIRN	coordinating committee for intercontinental research networks
CCISCMO	Community Counterintelligence and Security Countermeasures Office
CCITT	Comité Consultatif International Téléphonique et Télégraphique
CCL	coupled-cavity linac
CCL	Commerce Control List
CCL	commodity control list
CCLA	Concerned Citizens of Los Alamos
CCLC	carrier common line charge
CCLFISH	(CCL design code)
CCMS	Committee on the Challenges of a Modern Society (NATO)
CCNB	Concerned Citizen for the Nuclear Breeder
CCNS	Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety
CCP	composite correction plan (CWA)
CCP	cost change proposal
CCR	California Code of Regulations
CCR	Center for Communications Research
CCR	central control room
CCR	commitment, concurrence, and redundancy
CCRC	construction candidates review committee
CCRHS	central control room habitability system
CCR	Center for Communications Research (IDA)
CCS	castable ceramic system
CCS	common channel signaling (telecom.)
CCS	component cooling system
CCS	condensate cleanup system
CCS	containment cooling system
CCS	contamination control station
CCS	cost closing statement
CCS	cryogenic cooling system
CCT	clean coal technology 
CCTB	cryogenic component testbed
CCTF	Cylindrical Core Test Facility (Japan)
CCTP	Clean Coal Technology Program
CCTV	closed-circuit television
CCU	communications control unit
CCW	component cooling water
CCW	constituent concentrations in wastes
CCW	counterclockwise
CCWE	constituent concentrations waste extract


CD	change directory (command)
CD	civil defense
CD	civil emergency preparedness training (attendance code)
CD	climatological data
CD	Committee/Conference on Disarmament
CD	collector, dust
CD	collision detection
CD	compact disk
CD	conceptual design
CD	consent decree
CD	containment depressurization
CD	control drawing
CD	cooldown
CD	cost distribution
C&D	charge and discharge (fuel/target)
CDA	Copper Development Association
CDAC	Construction Development Advisory Committee
CDAS	Control and Data Acquisition System
CDB	consolidated database
CDBF	chlorinated dibenzofurans
CDC	Centers for Disease Control (Public Health Service)
CDC	classified document control
CDC	communicable disease center
CDC	Control Data Corporation
CDC	cryogenic distillation column(s)
CDD	chlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin
CDDI	copper distributed data interface
CDDO	Construction Department (JCI)
CDDR	cost and delivery data report
CDDS	controlled documents distribution system
CDE	Chemical Defence Establishment (U.K.)
CDE	Common Desktop Environment
CDEV	control panel device
CDF	core damage frequency
CDH	Colorado Department of Health
CDI	chronic daily intake
CD-I	compact disk-interactive
CDL	commercial driver's license
CDM	climatological dispersion model
CDM	code division multiplexing (telecom.)
CDMA	code division multiple access (Qualcomm mobile phone standard)
CDMQC	climatological dispersion model with calibration and source contribution
CDO	Construction Development/Design Office
CDPD	cellular digital packet data (commun.)
CDR	concept definition report
CDR	conceptual design report
CDR	critical design review
CD-R	compact disk-recordable
CD-ROM	compact disk read-only memory (also CD/ROM)
CD-ROM XA CD-ROM extended architecture (IBM) (also CD-ROM/XA)
CDS	charged droplet scrubber
CDS	command disable schedule
CDS	compliance data system (CAA)
CDS	component disassembly station
CDS	conceptual design study
CDS	condensate demineralization subsystem
CDT	Center for Defense Trade
CDT	Conventional Defense Technology
CDU	capacitive/capacitor discharge unit
CDU	Christian Democratic Union
CDV	capacitance discharge vaporization
CDV	Central Drawings Vault
CDW	charge-density wave
CDW	collision damage waiver
CE	capital equipment
CE	categorical exclusion
CE	chemical energy
CE	chief engineer
CE	civil emergency (attendance code)
CE	Combustion Engineering (also C-E)
CE	compromising emanations
CE	Corps of Engineers (U.S. Army)
CE	cost effectiveness
CE	cubicle exhaust
CEA	Comissariat á l'Énergie Atomique (France)
CEA	cost-effectiveness analysis
CEAM	Center for Exposure Assessment Modeling
CEARP	Comprehensive Environmental Assessment & Response Program
CEARP	Continuing Education & Recognition Program
CEAT	community emergency action team
CEAT	contractor evidence audit team
CEARC	Canadian Environmental Assessment Research Council
CEB	chemical element balance
CEBAF	Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (Newport News, Virginia)
CEBS	Capital Equipment Budget System
CEC	California Energy Commission
CEC	cation exchange capacity
CEC	cooperative enforcement agreement
CEC	control element assembly
CED	CERCLA Enforcement Division (EPA)
CED	control element drive
CED	Criminal Enforcement Division (EPA)
CEDR	Comprehensive Epidemiologic Data Resource
CEDE	committed effective dose equivalent
CEE	Center for Environmental Education, Inc.
CEGA	Combustion Engineering/General Atomics
CEHIC	Center for Environmental Health & Injury Control, Centers for Disease Control
CEI	compliance evaluation inspection (CAA)
CEL	carbon equilibrium loop
CEL	channel effluent limit
CELRF	Canadian Environmental Law Research Foundation
CELS	coded explosive logic system
CEM	Center for Electromagnetics
CEM	channel electron multiplier
CEM	computational electromagnetics
CEM	continuous emission monitoring (CAA)
CEM	cost estimating manager
CEMF	counter electromotive force
CEM-UT	Center for Electromagnetics at the University of Texas
CEN	Centre d'Études Nucléaires (France)
CEN	cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
CENC	Community Environmental Health Concerns
CENRTC	capital equipment not related to construction
CENTAR	Code for Extended Nonlinear Transient Analysis of Extraterrestrial Reactors
CEO	chief executive officer
CEOI	communications electronic operating instruction
CEP	capital equipment project
CEP	circular error probability
CEP	containment evaluation panel
CEP	continuing education program
CEP	Controls for Environmental Pollution, Inc.
CEP	Council on Economic Priorities
CEPEX	Central Equatorial Pacific Experiment
CEPOD	catalyzed electrochemical plutonium oxide dissolution/dissolver
CEPOD	catalytic enhanced plastic decontamination
CEPP	Chemical Emergency Preparedness Program
CEPT	Conference of European Postal and Telecommunications Administrations
CEQ	Council on Environmental Quality
CER	complete engineering release
CERC	Convex Engineering Research Complex
CERCLA	Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act
CERCLIS	Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Information System (EPA)
CERES	clouds and Earth's radiant energy system
CERI	Center for Environmental Research Information
CERMET	ceramic and metal
CERN	Formerly the European Center for Nuclear Research, now known as the European Laboratory for Particle Physics 
CERN	Centre Europ&eacuteenne pour la Recherche Nucl&eacuteaire
CERP	comprehensive environmental restoration program
CERT	computer emergency response team
CESC	centrifugal electroslag casting
CET	critical experiment tank
CETEC	Center for Extraterrestrial Engineering & Construction
CETS	connector environmental test stand
CEU	continuing education unit(s)
CEUSP	Consolidated Edison Uranium Solidification Program


CF	cable, fuzing or firing
CF	calibration factor
CF	charcoal filter
CF	compliance finding
CF	confinement factor
CF	Conservation Foundation
CF	containment failure
CF	continuous flow
CFA	cognizant federal agency
CFA	continuous flow analysis
CFA	control facilities area
CFA	crossed field amplifier
CFC	chlorofluorocarbon
CFC	Combined Federal Campaign (charities)
CFC	constant-flow cooling
CFD	computational fluid dynamics
CFD	constant fraction discriminator
CFE	chlorotrifluoroethylene
CFE	Conventional Forces in Europe (agreement)
CFL	consequence of failure level
CFM	chlorofluormethane(s)
CFM	cubic feet per minute
CFM	containment failure mode
CFPAS	Ceramic Filled Polymer Armor System
CFR	Code of Federal Regulations
CFR	commercial fast reactor
CFR	condensate filter demineralizer
CFR	cooperative fuel research
CFRD	confidential formerly restricted data
CFRL	continuous flow recirculating loop 
CFRV	crash-fire-rescue vehicle
CFTF	central filter test facility
CFS	central file system
CFS	Common File System
CFT	californium target(s)
CFT	consequence of failure type(s)
CFT	core flood tank
CFT	Cray FORTRAN Compiler
CFV	call for votes
CG	center of gravity
CG	change guide
CG	character generator
CG	classification guide
CG	combustion gas
CG	compilation guide
CG	concentration guide
CG	conjugate gradient
CG	controls group
CGA	color graphics adapter
CGA	Compressed Gas Association
CGI	combustible gas indicator
CGI	common gateway interface
CGI	composite graphics interface
CGI	computer-generated imagery
CGI	computer graphics interface
CGL	Comprehensive General Liability (policy)
CGL	computer graphics laboratory
CGM	computer graphics metafile
CGMP	comprehensive generic monitoring plan
CGRO	Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory
CGS	Canadian Geologic Survey
CGS	color graphics adapter (IBM)
CGS	common graphics system
CGS	conjugate gradient squared
CGWIC	China Great Wall Industry Corporation
CH	Calico Hills
CH	component handling
CH	contact handling/handled
CHAOS	circular high acceptance (magnetic) orbit spectrometer (TRIUMF)
CHAMMP	Computer Hardware, Advanced Mathematics, and Model Physics
CHAMP	Community Health Air Monitoring Program
CHAP	Compton high-altitude pulse
CHDBR	Calico Hills demonstration breakout room
Chelyabinsk-70 (site, All-Russian Institute of Technical Physics)
CHEMLL	chemical and low-level (waste)
CHEMTREC Chemical Transportation Emergency Center
CHESS	Community Health & Environmental Surveillance System
CHF	critical heat flux
CHGS	Center for Human Genome Studies
CHIP	chemical hazard information profile
CHLW	commercial high-level waste
CHM	Chemistry Division, 8/82­??/??
CHM	Chinese Hamster Ovary (Health Division cell replication)
CHMR	Center for Hazardous Materials
CHO	chemical hygiene officer
CHP	chemical hygiene plan
CHR	confinement heat removal
CHRP	common hardware reference platform (Power PC)
CHRS	confinement heat removal system
CH-TRU	contract-handled transuranic waste
CHW	chilled water
CHX	(mammalian fibroblast cells with unstable chromosomes)


CI	cast iron (pipe)
CI	chemical injection
CI	compression ignition
CI	computer interface
CI	confidence interval
CI	construction inspector
CI	containment integrity/isolation
CI	control instrumentation
CI	corrosion inhibitor
C.I.	confidence interval (statistics)
C/I	classification/identification
CIA	Central Intelligence Agency
CIA	containment isolation actuation
CIAC	computer incident advisory capability
CIAM	Central Institute of Aviation Motors
CIAQ	Council on Indoor Air Quality
CIBL	convective internal boundary layer
CIC	compensated ion chamber
CIC	Computing Information Center
CIC	Computing, Information & Communications Division, 10/93­
CICA	Competition in Contracting Act
CICIS	Chemicals in Commerce Information System
CID	charge-injected device
CID	combined immunological deficiency
CIDRS	cascade impactor data reduction system
CIE	Commission International de l'Eclairage
CIF	Consolidated Incineration Facility (SRL)
CIF	Consolidated Incinerator Facility
CIIN	corporate integrated information network
CIIIK	(United States of America; Russian abbreviation)
CIK	crypto-ignition key
CIL	component integration lab
CIL	computer inoperative limits
CIL	critical items list
CIM	Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
CIM	computer input microfilm
CIMD	Coalition to Increase Minority Degrees
CIMI	Committee on Integrity & Management Improvement
CIMS	Coalition for Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
CINC	Commander in Chief
CIO	Central Imagery Office (intelligence)
CIO	Community Involvement and Outreach Office
CIP	cast iron pipe
CIP	cataloging-in-publication
CIP	cold isostatic pressing
CIP	continuation in part
CIPA	California Information Practices Act
CIPP	contexts, input, processes & products
CIPSO	common Internet protocol security option 
CIRRPC	Committee on Interagency Radiation Research & Policy Coordination
CIS	chemical information/injection system
CIS	Commonwealth of Independent States
CIS	Computational and Information Sciences 
CIS	containment isolation system
CISA	Center for International Security Affairs
CISC	complex instruction set computer

CISC (complex instruction-set computing) Pronounced "sisk." A microprocessor architecture that favors robustness of the instruction set over the speed with which individual instructions are executed. The Intel 486 and Pentium are both examples of CISC microprocessors. (See the Tutor column of October 24, 1995.) See also RISC.

CMOS RAM (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor random access memory) A bank of memory that stores a PC's permanent configuration information, including type identifiers for the drives installed in the PC and the amount of RAM present.

CPU (central processing unit) A formal term for the microprocessor chip that powers a personal computer. The Intel Pentium chip is one example of a CPU. The term sometimes also refers to the case that houses this chip. See also FPU.

CRC (cyclical redundancy check) A mathematical method that permits errors in long runs of data to be detected with a very high degree of accuracy. Before data is transmitted over a phone, for example, the sender can compute a 32-bit CRC value from the data's contents. If the receiver computes a different CRC value, then the data was corrupted during transmission. Matching CRC values confirm with near certainty that the data was transmitted intact.

CRT (cathode-ray tube) The tube of a television or monitor in which rays of electrons are beamed onto a phosphorescent screen to produce images. Often used as a generic term for a computer monitor.

CISE	Computer Information Science and Engineering (NSF)
CISR	Center for Iron and Steel Research
CIT	communications improvement team (EIT)
CITES	Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
CITF	Cold Integrated Test Facility
CITIS	contractor integrated technical information service
CIX	commercial Internet exchange
CJ	crane, jib
CJE	critical job element
CJO	chief judicial officer
CKVA	complex Kohn variation principle
CL	centerline
CL	closed loop
CL	collaborator
CL	confidence level
CL	court leave (attendance code)
CL-20	(polycyclic nitramine)
CLAMS	Common Los Alamos Mathematical Software
CLAMDOC	CLAMS online documentation 
CLASS	Classification Office, 9/79­1/81
CLASS	composite lightweight affordable spacecraft structure
CLC	capacity-limiting constituents
CLC	Computing Learning Center
CLEANS	clinical laboratory for evaluation and assessment of toxic substances
CLEER	Center for Legislative Energy & Environmental Research
CLEO	Classified Energy On-line (database)
CLEVER	clinical laboratory for evaluation and validation of epidemiologic research
CLF	Conservation Law Foundation
CLFMI	Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute
CLGP	cannon-launched guided projectile
ClHC	trimsol
CLI	command line interpreter
CLIPS	chemical list index & processing system
CLISE	chloride-ion-specific electrode
CLMP	connectionless-mode network protocol
CLNP	connectionless network protocol (OSI)
CLP	contract laboratory program (EPA)
CLS	characteristic loss spectroscopy
CLS	classified logistic shipment
CLS	Chemistry and Laser Sciences Division
CLSP	Center for Law & Social Policy
CLV	ceiling limit value
CLV	constant linear velocity


CM	cementation
CM	Chemistry and Metallurgy Division, 4/44­10/45
CM	circuit master
CM	Configuration Management
CM	core melt
CM	corrective measure
CM	crane maintenance
CM	crane, monorail
CM	crisis management (crisis manager)
CMA	charring material ablation
CMA	Chemical Manufacturers Association
CMAA	Crane Manufacturer's Association of America
CM-2	Connection Machine 2 (Thinking Machines Corporation)
CM-5	Connection Machine 5
CMB	chemical mass balance
CMB	Chemistry-Metallurgy "Baker" Division, 9/56­8/82
CMB	Configuration Management Branch
CMC	computer-mediated conversation
CMCA	cruise missile carrier aircraft
CME	comprehensive (ground water) monitoring evaluation
CME	coronal mass ejection
CMEP	critical mass energy project
CMF	Chemistry­Metallurgy "Fowler" Division, 9/56­1/71
CMF	compressed-magnetic field
CMI	corrective measures implementation
CMIP	Capability Maintenance and Improvements Project
CMIP	common management information protocol
CMIS	common management information services
CMIS	computer management and information science (DoD)
CML	current-mode logic
CMM	computerized measuring machine
CMM	coordinate measuring machine
CMOS	complementary metal oxide semiconductor
CMP	certified meeting professional
CMP	Configuration Management Plan
CMP	corrugated metal pipe
CMP	counter-military potential
CMP	critical materials program
CMPGRD	composite finite-difference grid program
CMPO	octyl(phenyl)-N,N-diisobutylcarbonoylmethyl-phosphine oxide
CMR	Chemistry and Metallurgy Research (building)
CMR	Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Division, 10/45­09/56
CMPGRD	composite overlapping grid
CMS	Center for Materials Science, 01/81­
CMS	Community Management Staff (intellig.)
CMS	corrective measures study (RCRA)
CMSC	California Mine and Safety Code
CMSEML	Center for Materials Science Electron Microscope Laboratory
CMSSL	Connection Machine Scientific Software Library
CMTR	certified material test report 
CMU	Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh
CMU	concrete masonry unit
CMW	compartmented-mode workstation
CMWO	chemical and mixed waste operations
CMYK	cyan-magenta-yellow-black (color model)
CN	construction notice
CN	consultant
CNA	Canadian Nuclear Association
CNC	Chemistry/Nuclear Chemistry Division, 1/71­8/82
CNC	computerized numerical control
CNEN	Comissao Nacional de Energia Nuclear
CNES	Center for National Space Studies (France)
CNET	Centre National d'Etudes des Télécommunications (Paris)
CNI	Coalition for Networked Information
CNLS	Center for Nonlinear Studies
CNN	Cable News Network
CNNR	conventional nonnuclear weapons
CNO	Chief of Naval Operations
CNPS	compact nuclear power source
CNR	Chief of Naval Research
CNR	composite noise ratio
CNR	conventional nuclear weapons
CNRI	Corporation for National Research Initiatives
CNRR	containment radioactivity removal
CNSI	Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations
CNSI	confidential national security information
CNSS	Center for National Security Studies
CNT	Central Networking Testbed
CNT	crisis negotiation team
CNWDI	critical nuclear weapon design information
CO	chief operator
CO	contracting officer
C/O	carryover (funds)
COB	close of business
COBAE	Brazilian Commission of Space Activities
COBE	Cosmic Background Explorer (satellite)
COBOL	common business oriented language (also Cobol)
COBRA	Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
COBRA	constant boiling and rod arrays
COBRA	continuous beam research apparatus
COBRA-TF Coolant Boiling in Rod Arrays code (two-fluid)
COC	certificate of conformance
COC	continuity of combustibility
COCA	consent order and compliance agreement
COCO	contractor-owned/contractor-operated
COCOM	Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls
COD	cash on demand
COD	chemical oxygen demand
COE	Corps of Engineers
COE	crude oil equivalent
COEDS	common event database system
COEI	composition of ending inventory
COG	continuity of government
COGEMA	Compagnie général des matères nucléaires
COGEMP	continuity of government emergency management teams
COGS	cost of goods sold
COH	coefficient of haze
COHb	carboxyhemoglobin 
COI	certificate of inspection
COI	conflict of interest
COINS	computer output information system
COLA	cost-of-living adjustment/allowance
COLIWASA Composite Liquid Waste Sampler
COM	command (file)
COM	communications (program, port)
COM	computer output microfilm
COMHED	common header
COMINT	communications intelligence
COMPASS	comprehensive on-line maintenance purchasing & store system
COMPTEL	imaging Compton telescope
COMSAT	Communications Satellite Corp.
COMSAT	communications satellite
COMSEC	communications security
CONDOR	(code for simulating microwave and plasma experiments)
CONIFER	(designates some U.K. secret documents)
CONOPS	concept of operations
CONS	connection-oriented mode network service
CONT	controller
CONTAIN	(computer code)
CONTR	contractor
CONT-RM	Risk Management Office (Lab Controller)
CONUS	contiguous United States
CONVEX	confined vessel experiments
CO-OP	Undergraduate Cooperative Program
COP	certification of process
COP	class of property
COP	coefficient of performance
COR	contracting officer representative
COR	core operations report
CORA	cost of remedial action
CORBA	common object request broker architecture
CORE	common runtime environment
COR-FD	Contracting Officer Representative - Fire Department (DOE)
CORM	controlled oxidation of radioactive metal
CORRTEX	continuous reflectometry for radius versus time experiments
COS	change of station
COS	Cray Operating System
COSEPUP	Committee on Science, Engineering & Public Policy
COSL	certificate of safe load
COSL	Chemistry Operations Support Laboratory (Rocky Flats)
COSMIC	(label for TS NATO information)
COSMO	(unnamed graded person)
COSTIND	Commission of Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defense
COTK	control track
COTR	Contracting Officer's Technical Representative
COTS	commercial off-the-shelf
Courtney (not an acronym; SATAN detector)
COVA	change of vehicle assignment
COVE	code verification
COVI	concurrent outer vector inner
COVICS	covert video communications system
COW	coldworked, not furnace-sensitized and welded


CP	calibration procedure
CP	call pay
CP	change proposal
CP	charge conjugation/parity transformation
CP	cold pipe
CP	column product
CP	Computer Professionals, Inc.
CP	conducting polymer
CP	construction permit/plan
CP	control point
CP	coolant pump
CP	critical power
CP	Crystal Plaza, Washington, DC
CP	2-(5-cyanotetrazolata)-pentaamine-cobalt (III) perchlorate
CP*	Cross Point Star
CPA	charged particle analyzer
CPA	contract property administrator
C/PA	cost/price analysis
CPAF	cost plus award fee
CPAS	Current Production & Analytic Support (CIA)
CPBX	computerized private branch exchange
CPC	card programmable calculator 
C/PC	closure/post-closure
CPCA	core program cooperative agreement
CPCWQCA	California Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act
CPD	comprehensive program of disarmament
CPD	coordinated product definition
CPD	cyclopentadiene
CPDF	Centrifuge Processing Development Facility
CPDS	construction project data sheet
CPE	central processing element
CPE	charged particle equilibrium
CPE	circular probable error
CPF	carcinogen potency factors
CPFF	cost plus fixed fee
CPG	central pattern generator
CPG	Core Planning Group
CPI	consumer price index
CPI	cost performance index
CPIF	cost plus incentive fee
CPL	confinement protection limit
CPM	colliding pulse mode
CPM	computer program protection manager
CPM	construction/contract project manager
CPM	construction procedures manual
CPM	continuous particle monitor
cpm	counts/cycles per minute
CPM	critical path method
CP/M	control program for microcomputers (DEC operating system)
CPMB	Construction Department (JCI)
CPMIEC	Chinese Precision Machinery Import-Export. Corp.
CPO	Central Policy Office (ES&H)
CPO	certified project officer
CPP	complex privatization plan
CPP	Compliance Policy & Planning (EPA)
CPPM	computer protection program manager
CPR	cardio-pulmonary resuscitation
CPR	Center for Public Resources
CPR	comprehensive product record
CPR	cost performance index
CPR	critical power ratio
CPRA	California Public Records Act
CPRC	construction project review committee
CPRF	Confinement Physics Research Facility (TA-21)
CPRF	controlled pinch reversed field
CPPSR	contractor property system review
CPS	Compliance Program & Schedule
CPS	contract personnel services
CPSA	Consumer Product Safety Act (1972)
CPSC	Consumer Product Safety Commission
CPSI	configurable PostScript interpreter
CPSR	Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility,
CPT	cone penetrometer technology
CPTR	certified proof test report
CPU	central processing/processor unit
CPV	cold process verification
CPW	commercialization planning workshop
CPX	command post exercise
CQD	constant-Q spectrometer
CQI	continuous quality improvement
CQM	cost quality management
CR	carriage return
CR	catalytic reactor
CR	coaxial resonator
CR	community relations
CR	compressor, refrigeration
CR	conditional release
CR	conditioned reinforcer
CR	control rod/room
CR	Cray Research
CRA	comment response appendix 
CRA	compressor, refrigerant, air cool
CRAC	coaxial removable anode cup
CRB	contract review board
CRADA	cooperative research and development agreement
CRASS	correlation reduction analysis subsystem (NRC)
CRAVE	carcinogen risk assessment verification endeavor
CRB	Contracts/Contract Review Board
CRBR	Clinch River Breeder Reactor
CRC	Coleman Research Corporation
CRC	Complex Reconfiguration Committee
CRC	cyclic redundancy check
CRD	Comments & Response Document
CRD	confidential restricted data
CRD	control rod drive
CRD	creation/revision/deletion request (JCI)
CRDC	collaborative R&D centers
CRDCS	control rod drive control system
CRDEC	Chemical Research, Development, and Engineering Center (U.S. Army)
CRDL	contract-required detection limit
CRE	compressor, refrigerant, evaporative
CRE	contaminant removal efficiency
CREN	Corporation for Research and Educational Networking
CREOL	Center for Research on Electrical Optics and Lasers
CRFQS	cryogenic radio-frequency quadrupole sparker
CRI	Cray Research, Inc.
CRI	criteria-referenced instruction
CRIB	card reader insert board
CRIITIC	National Security Agency alert system
CRITS	Chalk River Injector Test Stand
CRL	Communications Research Laboratory (Japan)
CRLB	Cramer-Rao lower bound
CRM	certified reference materials
CRM	communications and records management
CRM	count rate meter
CRMO	Communications and Records Management Office, 8/80­11/93
CRN	critical ranking number
CRNL	Chalk River Nuclear Laboratory
CRO	Chemical Release Observation (satellites)
CROP	consolidated rules of practice
CRP	community relations plan
CRPC	Center for Research on Parallel Computation
CRPP	community relations program plan
CRPO	Crystalline Rock Project Office (Chicago)
CRQL	contract-required quantitation limit
CRR	Center for Renewable Resources
CRR	change request reply
CRREL	Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (U.S. Army)
CRRES	combined release and radiation effects satellite (NASA)
CRRS	Comprehensive Records Retention Schedule
CRS	Complex Reconfiguration Study
CRS	component requirement schedule
CRS	conductivity recording switch
CRS	Congressional Research Service
CRT	cargo restraint transporter
CRT	cathode ray tube
CRU	computer resource unit
CRZ	contamination reduction zone


CS	chemical/cold storage
CS	chlorinated solvents
CS	communications satellite/system
CS	community service (attendance code)
CS	confined space
CS	containment safety/spray
CS	containment substation bus (electrical)
CS	Courant-Snyder
CS	(nuclear) criticality safety
C/S	containment and surveillance
CSA	camphorsulphonic acid
CSA	Canadian Standards Association
CSA	cancer suspect agent(s)
CSA	canned subassembly
CSA	compliance schedule agreement
CSAC	charge safety analysis checklist
CSAC	Council on Superconductivity for American Competitiveness
CSAM	chlorosulphonic acid mixture
CSAU	code scaling, applicability & uncertainty
CSBM	confidence and security building measures
CSC	Convention for Safe Containers (1972)
CSC	Criticality Safety Committee
C/SCB	Cost/Schedule Control Branch (T&MSS)
CSCE	Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe
C/SCR	cost/schedule change request
C/SCS	cost/schedule control system
CSCSC	cost and schedule control systems criteria
C/SCSC	cost and schedule control systems concepts
CSD	cold shutdown
CSD	conceptual summary document
CSDP	Continental Scientific Drilling Program
CSE	charge safety evaluation
CSE	chemical systems engineering
CSE	confined space entry
CSE	Consortium for Superconducting Electronics
CSE	criticality safety evaluation
CSEA	California State Employees Association
CSER	computer security enhancement review
CSF	cerebrospinal fluid
CSF	colony stimulating factor
CSF	consolidated and overpacked spent fuel
CSI	Clean Sites, Inc.
CSI	compliance sampling inspection (CWA)
CSI	customer service indicator
CSIN	Chemical Substances Information Network (TSCA)
CSIP	customer service improvement plan 
CSIR	Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (South Africa)
CSIS	Center for Strategies and International Studies
CSL	computation structures language
CSLA	criticality safety limit approval (document)
CSM	Colorado School of Mines (Golden, CO)
CSMA	Chemical Subspecialties Manufacturers Association
CSMA/CD	carrier sense multiple access with collision detection
CSNET	Computer and Science Network
CSO	combined sewer overflow
CSOL	criticality safety operating limits
CSP	Comprehensive Site Plan
CSPCP	comprehensive source and plume characterization plan
CSPE	California Society of Professional Engineers
CSPI	Center for Science in the Public Interest
CSPP	Computer Systems Policy Project
CSPWG	computer security policy working group
CS&R	codes, standards, and regulations
CSRA	Civil Service Reform Act (of 1978)
CSRL	Center for the Study of Responsive Law
CSRS	coherent Stokes-Raman spectroscopy
CSS	coded switch set
CSS	computer subsystem
CSS	containment spray system
CSS	contaminated soil storage
CSSA	contaminated soil storage area (OR)
CSSE	closed system step etching
CSSI	containment spray system, post-accident injection phase
CSSM	computer security site manger
CSSO	computer system security officer
CSSR	containment spray system, post-accident recirculation phase
CST	Chemical Science and Technology Division, 10/93­
CST	condensate storage tank
CST	confined space training
CSTAG	Computer Systems Technical Advisory Committee
CSTC	Consolidated Satellite Test Center
CSU	channel service unit (telephony)
CSU	Christian Social Union
CSU	Colorado State University
CSU/DSU	channel service unit/data service unit (used in place of modem)
CSV	comma-separated value
CT	cable, test
CT	calf thymus
CT	computer/computed/computerized tomography (scanner, scan)
CT	cooling tower
CT	current transformer
C-T	Cretaceous-Tertiary (geologic boundary; also K-T, CT)
CTA	Central Training Academy
CTARC	Chemical Testing & Assessment Research Commission
CTBT	Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
CTC	coefficient of thermal contraction
CTC	Corneal Theory Center
CTD	cumulative trauma disorder (see CTS, RSI)
CTE	charge transfer efficiency
CTE	coefficient of thermal expansion
CTEN	combined thermal and epithermal neutron
CTF	contrast-transfer-function
CTG	control technique guidelines
CTG	corporation test group
CTI	Computational Testbed for Industry
CTL	CTSS command language controller
CTMP	comprehensive treatment & management plan
CTN	Critical Technologies Newsletter
CTP	composite theoretical performance
CTP	computer-to-plate (imagesetting)
CTR	controlled thermonuclear reactor/research
CTR	Controlled Thermonuclear Research Div., 4/74­?/?89?
CTR	control temperature ratio
CTR	Council for Tobacco Research (industry organization)
CTRD	central training records database
CTRL	control (keyboard)
CTRW	commercial transuranic waste
CTS	carpal tunnel syndrome (see CTD, RSI)
CTS	central tracker subsystem
CTS	conformance testing service
CTSB	Computer Science & Technology Board
CTSS	Cray Time-Sharing System
CTVC	California Technology Ventures Corp.
CTX	Compact Torus Experiment


CUA	common user access (IBM standard)
CUBE	computer use by engineers (symposium)
CUI	consistent user interface
CUSP	cyclotron up-scattering process
CV	cataclysmic variable
CV	coefficient of variation
CV	compliance verification
CV	cost variance
CVAAS	cold vapor atomic absorption spectroscopy
CVC	conserved vector current
CVD	chemical vapor deposition
CVD	controlled, fluidized bed, vapor deposition
CVG	Consolidated Verification Group
CVI	center of visual impact
CVI	chemical vapor infiltration
CVI	compact vacuum insulation 
CVN	Charpy V-Notch
CVR	cost variance report
CVS	constant-volume sampler
CVTR	Carolinas-Virginia tube reactor
CW	chemical warfare/weapons
CW	circulating water
CW	cold-worked
CW	column waste
CW	Congress Watch
CW	continuous wave
CW	cooling water
CWA	Clean Water Act (Federal Water Pollution Control Act, 1977)
CWAM	crated waste assay monitor (OR)
CWAP	clean water action project
CWBCM	continuous-wave beam current monitor
CWBS	contractor work breakdown structure
CWC	Chemical Weapons Convention
CWDD	continuous-wave deuterium demonstrator 
CWDF	Central Waste Disposal Facility
CWDR	Chemical Waste Disposal Request (form)
CWF	chiller, water, fan/coil
CWGM	cooling water gamma monitor
CWI	(Mathematics Institute of the Netherlands)
CWIP	current work in progress
CWIS	campus wide information system
CWIV	contaminated waste isolation valve
CWLM	cumulative working level months
CWO	capital work order
CWP	coal workers' pneumoconiosis
CWR	chiller, water, refrigerated
CWR	cooling water return
CWRSS	contaminated water removal & storage system
CWS	chilled water system
CWS	circulating/cooling water system
CWS	containment water storage
CWSFPP	Commercial Waste and Spent Fuel Packaging Program
CWT	Chemical Warfare Treaty
CWTC	Chemical Waste Transportation Council
CX	categorical exclusions
CX	column extractant
CX	configuration index
CX	criticality experiment
CXI	Common X-Windows Interface
CY	calendar year
CY	cubic yards
CYGNUS	(air shower detector; array of scintillation counters-not an acronym)
CYLTRAN	Cylindrical (electron) Transport (Monte Carlo code)


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EDA, Incorporated aspires to be the engineering leader in providing safe, reliable and economical solutions to challenging problems. 

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EDA, Incorporated provides quality-engineering services on time, on schedule and within budget.  EDA, Inc. is able to do this by performing the work correctly the first time. We accept the most challenging problems and look forward to working with the client as a team member.  EDA believes that the client should be an active participant in the work process to ensure that the product is commensurate with client expectations and is delivered within schedule and budget constraints.

EDA, Inc. belongs to the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the Society of Instrument Control Engineers, Society of Professional Engineers (ISA) and the American Nuclear Society (ANS).


Thank You for visiting EDA.  This site provides for your use free calculators/calculators in every engineering discipline.  We also provide extensive information on all engineering areas and on many different engineering groups.  In addition, a significant collection of computer information is provided.  Please visit our Specialties page to learn what services we provide.  Use our Search Page to find a specific topic.

For free calculations go to the Calculator page.  The calculators should be used with caution.  Some of these calculators are not verified and are only intended to provide a starting point in performing design calculations.  All final design calculations should  be performed using verified and validated programs.  For more information on this, please contact EDA, Inc.

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