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For free calculations go to the Calculator page.  The calculators should be used with caution.  Many of these calculators are not verified and are only intended to provide for a starting point in performing a design calculations.  All final design calculations should  be performed using verified and validated programs or calculators that have documented evidence of the verification and validation.

The following links have been reviewed and approved to be the best research information available on the internet, so please enjoy and if you have a better link of research information, email it to SiteManager@i-edainc.com .



Engineering Calculators - The best set of calculators that can be found on the web.  You can use these calculation techniques in you research.


 Cora Research Paper Search
Use this search engine which specializes in finding computer science research papers.  Many other research specialties can be found.  Select a category.

Comprehensive aggregation of resource materials organized by discipline. Find books, research papers, discussion boards, and online journals.


Hydrology Research


Government Research Sites

DOD Sites

Other Government Sites Other Organization Sites Technology Transfer
  • Federal Laboratory Consortium   The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) was organized in 1974 and formally chartered by the Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986 to promote and to strengthen technology transfer nationwide. Today, more than 700 major federal laboratories and centers and their parent departments and agencies are FLC members.





Consortium for Software Engineering Research
Canadian gathering of business, academia and government promotes software engineering. Find out about membership, outreach, research and funding.


International Software Engineering Research Network
Organization has an international membership and conducts experimental research. Find out about meetings in Chicago.


Software Engineering Research - Georgia Tech
Read about student, alumni, faculty and publications and descriptions of research projects. Find out about local and international events.


Univ. of Maryland - Engineering Research Center
Explains how the institute helps companies develop new technologies and processes. Offers FAQ, and describes its labs.


Univ. of Virginia Chemical Engineering Research Guide
Provides links to journals, abstracts and indices relating to chemistry and chemical engineering.


Graves, Michael - The Engineering Research Center
University of Cincinnati building is the east addition to the Schneider Engineering Quadrangle. View photographs.


Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute
Describes the institute's history, research projects, services and facilities. Located in Greece.


Hydraulic Engineering Research Unit
Located in Stillwater, Oklahoma, this laboratory explains its projects, including a headcut erosion and a concentrated-flow erosion project.


Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada
Nonprofit research and development org. seeks to improve Canadian forestry operations related to sustainable development. Read annual reports.


BioMolecular Engineering Research Center
Boston organization provides background info, news, and computational biology tools. Find links to related databases, and a mailing list.


Hitachi Mechanical Engineering Research Laboratory
Hitachi's supercomputing center claims to be dedicated to advancing the research of products that contribute to daily life. Includes photos.


Univ. of Amsterdam - Software Engineering Research
Those interested in publications on research in software engineering from the University of Amsterdam will find them here, organized by year.


USACE Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
Learn about the US Army Corps of Engineers' infrastructure development research, and discover opportunities for jobs and contracts.


Earthquake Engineering Research Institute
Read the latest news in earthquake research and prevention. Provides selected articles from the print newsletter.


Civil Engineering Research Foundation
Learn about the organization's goals, research projects, events, publications and technology centers.


Center for Software Engineering
Research at the University of Southern California includes software architecture and collaborative software engineering.


Centre for Software Engineering
Dublin City University unit participates in EU funded projects. Browse links to current member sites.


DII - University of Pisa
Faculty and students engage in projects in the field of Information Technology. Find links to services and activities in English and Italian.


Distributed Software Engineering
Research into SE management with intro to papers online and the rest downloadable. Also has software, seminars, and journals.


Empirical Software Engineering Research Group
University of Bournemouth-based team presents a project grid with collaboration, funding and contact details. View a picture of the group.


Experimental Software Engineering Group - UCMP
Institute on the University of Maryland campus treats software engineering a laboratory science. Find out about projects, members and courses.


Fraunhofer IESE
German Institute focuses primarily on software and process development and improvement. Learn about students, events, jobs and business areas.


IIT Software Engineering Group
Involved primarily in research and development, this software engineering group assists Canadian software companies with improved techniques.


Institute for Software Research
Nonprofit organization performs engineering research for government and private concerns. Read news and press releases.


Institute of Configuration Management
Teaching institution in Arizona reegineered the CM process and offers courses for certification. View course schedules and a list of sponsors.


National Technical University of Athens
English resource details the school's programs, activities and admission policies. Includes current weather in Athens.


Research Centres - School of Informatics
City University of London has several research centers and groups. Read news and find out about facilities and people.


Reverse Engineering Group - Georgia Tech
Browse student and faculty profiles and a list of government, academic and commercial links.


Software Engineering - Georgia Tech
Research on formal methods, software architecture, reverse engineering and usability engineering. Papers in PostScript.


Software Engineering - University of Technology, Sydney
Presents research capabilities, services and consulting opportunities. Browse links to various research projects and centers.


Software Engineering & Network Systems Laboratory
Researches software on reuse, reverse engineering, requirement modeling, program visualization, and multimedia.


Software Engineering and Information Systems
Find out about research projects and people at the University of Leiden. Features links to student projects.


Software Engineering Education & Research Laboratory
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University provides tools and support for the Master's program in Software Engineering. Submit questions or comments.


Software Engineering Group - University of Geneva
Read various research papers published by this computer-based learning team. Read the director's biography.


Software Engineering Lab - EPFL
Swiss-based software engineering research which centers around the OO paradigm. Work includes OOAD and formal specification.


Software Engineering Lab - University of Stuttgart
Provides real world engineering applications. References, publications and services are presented in German and English.


Software Engineering Laboratory - NASA
Partnership developed between NASA, the University of Maryland and Computer Sciences Corporation. Find data, workshops and related sites.


Software Engineering Research - Georgia Tech
Read about student, alumni, faculty and publications and descriptions of research projects. Find out about local and international events.


Software Engineering Research - University of Virginia
Department in the School of Engineering and Applied Science presents details on current projects and links to related resources.


Software Engineering Research Centre
Dutch foundation was founded in 1987 to aid industry and government. Read a list of sample projects and a customer list.


Software Engineering Research Group
Lund University in Sweden houses the LUCAS Center for Applied Software Research. Read projects, publications and theses.


Software Engineering Research Group - Drexel University
Group is funded by the NSF and AT&T to performance research on software maintenance and testing. Find out about tools the group has designed.


Software Engineering Rsch Network - Univ. of Calgary
Joint venture undertaken by government, industry and academia. View a list of participants and a diagram representing project structure.


System and Software Engineering Lab - Univ. of Brussels
Conducts research on integrated system methodologies and model and control systems. Learn about history, research, teaching and events.


UMass Lab for Advanced Software
Process modeling, object management, language processing, and software architecture. Software and tech reports available.


European Software Institute
Find out about this Spanish institute that focuses on software-process improvement. Services include training and consulting.


Software Engineering Institute
Carnegie Mellon University houses this federally funded R&D institution. Find resources for software development and details on the center.






Computer Science and Engineering

CS Technical Reports
Index of university computer science reports, containing ftp addresses, titles and abstracts.

Searchable, international collection of technical reports from computer science departments and industrial and government research laboratories.

Dictionary of Programming Languages
Detailed descriptions of over 100 programming languages, with code samples, links, and a programming search engine.

CS Technical Reports
Index of university computer science reports, containing ftp addresses, titles and abstracts.

General Programming Resources - Program.Com
Find a collection of programming-related links to help programmers and students to find references and perform research.

Technical Report Archives
Provides a gopher gateway to more than 120 institutional and project archives of technical papers in computer science.

Virtual Computer Library
Locate online guides to major operating systems, hardware and software, networking technology and the Internet.

+1 Software Engineering
Manufactures several products addressing all aspects of software development. Read news and download products.


Corporation offers mainframe software for application system development. Browse links to related sites.


Advanced Concepts Center - Lockheed Martin
Provides products and courses for client/server environments. Read testimonials, news and the course catalog.


Missouri company produces CASE Essence and Infrostructor software and instruction materials. Take a test or try a demo.


Amarco - Sysoft
Learn about methods and tools in French or English. Features screenshots, news releases and a newsletter.


analysttool.com - Analyst Pro
Produces Analyst Pro for requirements, tracing, workflow and analysis management. Browse the programming resource links.


Applied Data Resource Management
Find modeling software for a number of specific industries. Read news, FAQ and find contact details for several departments.


Applied Dynamics International
Manufactures control systems design tools for the automotive, aerospace and defense industries.


APPX Software
Company provides a design tool for large-scale projects. Read archived newsletters and instructional documents.


Provides software for advanced modeling and simulation of systems engineering. Lists customer success stories.


ARTiSAN Software Tools
Produces a line of software-development tools for real time systems. Learn corporate facts or sign-up for the mailing list.


CASE tool developed for the use of students in computing and information systems. Download movies and textbook.


AST Engineering Services
Produces QASE, a design tool for client/server and n-tier software. Read a corporate overview and find out about international distribution.


Attar Software
Screenshots, pricing details and comprehensive information on the company's XpertRule line of data mining software and knowledge-based systems.


Automated Analysis Corporation
Offers software development tools as well as consultation and training. Features people profiles and recruiting options.


UK-based company provides an integrated toolkit for B: software development. Get details about training and obtaining teaching licenses.


Company with locations in the US and the UK provides products and consulting for project development. Read a white paper and company mission.


CARDtools Systems
Company presents an application simulator to assist in software design. Features white papers, company background, press releases and articles.


CASE Tool Index
Index of CASE tool vendors, ordered alphabetically. Maintained by Queens University.


CASE Tools
Extensive list of public domain and commercial CASE products. Also links to miscellaneous CASE related sites.


DB Main - University of Namur
Belgian university presents an R&D tool for applications engineering. Find out about the team, projects, partners and how to join.


Automated product suite organizes data according to predetermined or selected formats. Try out downloads requiring an Acrobat plug-in.


Eastern Systems
Survey the extensive selection of computer products, services, and resources.


Excel Software
Choose from applications for UML, data, process and real time modeling for Windows and Macintosh. Read press reviews and news section.


Fox Data
Swedish company provides software for UML modeling and computer-aided design. Ask a question and read the news in English or Swedish.


German group based at the University of Karlsruhe provides programs for IT applications. Details provided in English and German.


Generic Logic
Check out a variety of demos and downloads of the Glg toolkit for Java and C/C++. Get pricing and ordering details.


Uruguay-based company offers tools for design, analysis and implementation. Take a tutorial or download a free trial in Spanish or English.


Genitor Surveyor - Genitor Corporation
Used to clarify the functionality of C++ code, this product analyzes source code to generate documentation on a web site. View samples.


Program utilizes the GOO language to present a design environment. Check out the user guide.


Find language-based commercial software development tools. Download CodeSurfer for Windows.


Denmark-based Institute of Applied Computer Science is a non-profit institute supported by many companies with software development needs.


Producer of Rhapsody line of real time embedded software. Try a free demo and read press releases.


Corporation provides reverse engineering and documentation tools for software development. Check out a list of links to related sites.


Information Engineering Technology
Learn about XOS and COOL:Gen applications. Read news and FAQ.


Innovative Software
Find the latest Object Engineering Workbench (OEW) for object-oriented design, implementation and documentation.


Integrated Development Enterprise
IDe produces Web-based development chain management programs. Try a demo and read articles.


Product line produced for software development professionals. Find out about quality assurance and testing.


IntelliCorp - Company Homepage
Provides business modeling tools. Access its investor relations pages, job listings, and sales office personnel.


Interactive Software Engineering
Contains a full Eiffel Base library available on all major platforms. Includes technical support and consulting.


UNIX compatible tool allows user to migrate code. Company acquired by Microsoft.


Check out this system engineering CASE tool for integration, testing, configuration management and documentation. View screenshots and manuals.


Meta Software Corporation
Covers business process modeling, simulation and workflow automation. Offers free downloads, news, and outlines products and services.


Mortice Kern Systems
MKS designs NT-UNIX interoperability and software configuration and web object management products. Take the guided tour.


Find software systems for information technology transformation and management. Features articles, press releases and overview of company vision.


Panorama for Java, C, and C++
Offers a software engineering environment for software testing, quality assurance, and re-engineering. Get an evaluation version or view samples.


Phoenix Software Technologists
Analyze and develop software quality with this PL/I analysis tool. Find password protected customer support pages.


PowerPlus Systems
Find options for system analysis and front end methodology. Peruse the client list and publications.


Prescient Technologies
Analyze and control all aspects of the engineering process with development software. Features articles and links for measuring data quality.


Explore product options for Windows and UNIX-compatible visual software modeling. Register for modeling and design courses.


Rainier Software Solutions
for the professional systems developer. Presents product details, customer profiles and downloadable information.


Resource Standard Metrics
Find an analytical tool for C, ANSI C++ and Java source code. Access a free trial edition.


Semantic Designs
Find a free download of automate software engineering tools from this Austin-based company.


New Jersey-based manufacturer specializes in back-end modeling software for database development applications. Visit the download area.


Learn about products for UML, C++ and Java modeling and development. Also available in French.


Software Development - Telelogic
Utilize any of a number of tools for all aspects of development from analysis to testing. Professional services are also offered.


Software Productivity Center
Click through products, consulting or training to learn how SPC has been working with orgs, on project management and software development.


Software Research
Software quality portal and test tools supplier. Features newsletter, product tour, downloads, training, FAQs, and links to the SR/Institute.


Structured Technology Group
Provides Windows-based CASE tools. Find out about conferences, tutorials, consulting, education and partners.


Sun WorkShop Developer Products
Choose from a variety of options for the development professional and team. Find links to news sources and events.


Visual Object Modelers
Presents Visual UML product line with interface to Microsoft Visual Basic. Try demos, read reviews, news and update details.


Visual Thought - Confluent
Create flowcharts, diagrams and charts for software and network implementation. Try out a free downloadable demo for Windows or UNIX.


Choose from several Java-modeling programs. Read a features matrix, documentation an evaluator's guide with Acrobat plug-in.



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Company Profile

EDA, Incorporated provides quality-engineering services on time, on schedule and within budget.  EDA, Inc. is able to do this by performing the work correctly the first time. We accept the most challenging problems and look forward to working with the client as a team member.  EDA believes that the client should be an active participant in the work process to ensure that the product is commensurate with client expectations and is delivered within schedule and budget constraints.

EDA, Inc. belongs to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), the Society of Instrument Control Engineers, Society of Professional Engineers (ISA) and the American Nuclear Society (ANS).

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For more information on EDA, Incorporated services, please contact Client Service Manager at:

Client Service Manager

EDA, Inc.

6397 True Lane

Springfield, VA 22150


or email  the Client Service Manager at SiteManager@i-edainc.com .

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