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History of Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear physics dates to the 1896 discovery of radiation in uranium by the French physicist Henri Bequerel, but the tools of the modern profession date to the successful creation of a chain fission reaction by Enrico Fermi at the
University of Chicago in 1942. During the 1940s and 1950s, nuclear progress was largely military, with the development of fusion bombs, ever smaller atomic warheads, and nuclear-powered ships.  The first nuclear power plant wasn't built until 1957, in Shippingport, Pennsylvania, but construction then boomed through the 1960s and early 1970s.  Nuclear energy is currently America's second largest source of energy, only exceeded by coal, but concerns over its risks and over the environmental damage caused by radioactive waste have led to a complete halt in its expansion.  No new nuclear power plants have been built in the United States since 1978, though demand for nuclear engineers to operate and maintain existing plants should remain steady. With the advent of nuclear reduction treaties and lowered military spending, demand for nuclear-weapons designers has also dried up.  The navy continues to employ nuclear engineers to operate its nuclear ships, however, and there is increased demand for engineers to dispose of military radioactive waste.  In sum, nuclear engineering is not a growing field, but the decreasing supply of trained engineers means that those who are qualified can readily find work.  


Paying Your Dues (Major Employers)

Graduate education is generally a prerequisite for employment as a design or research nuclear engineer.  Engineers must have at least a master's degree, which involves significant work in math, physics, and engineering design, while both private and government research jobs often require that the applicant have completed a doctorate in nuclear engineering. Typically, the educational requirements for an operating engineer are less rigorous: A bachelor's degree in nuclear engineering is one qualification, while others with only high school diplomas get their training through the U.S.
Navy Nuclear Power Plant Program.


Associated Careers (Who You'll Work With)

The skills and training of a nuclear engineer are rather specialized, though there is mobility within the various employers in the field. Military and civilian nuclear power engineers have similar skills, and the government frequently hires nuclear engineers with experience in the various nuclear fields it regulates. Engineers who have risen to positions of significant managerial authority acquire skills and credentials useful in the management of other large enterprises, though there is not significant turnover in the


Nuclear News 


What is a Nuclear Engineer? - (Career Profile

Like most engineers, nuclear engineers spend their time working in large, hi-tech environments.  Employment in nuclear engineering is divided equally between the Federal Government, utilities companies, and the research and testing units of defense and engineering companies.  The Navy, with its fleet of nuclear-powered ships, is a large employer of nuclear engineers, as is the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  Nuclear engineers conduct research for utility companies to optimize the performance of existing plants, and they are employed in atomic research facilities like the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.  Nuclear engineering has become increasingly important in the development of new medical scanning technologies one of the few growing segments of the field.  These employers are all large, established operations.  The research side of nuclear engineering can be extremely creative, but the field is best suited for those who won't feel confined in large, bureaucratic work environments.  Nuclear engineers work in extended teams, and caution and risk control are the bywords of the industry--appropriately so, given the dangers of nuclear radiation. With the exception of radio-medical, nuclear disposal, and theoretical atomic research, a small percentage of total employment in the field, nuclear engineering is not a field marked by breakthroughs.  The halt in new power plant construction has ended all but incremental, evolutionary nuclear power research, and atomic weapons design, once a booming experimental field, has lost much of its funding in the 1990s.  The field does, however, offer extremely stable, secure, and well-paying professional employment. 


More Nuclear Information:


Career Profile

# of people in profession: 6,040
% male: 95
% female: 5
average hours per week: 45
average starting salary: $ 30,000
average salary after 5 years: $ 70,000
average salary after 10 to 15 years: $ 90,000
Professionals Read: Journal of Nuclear Engineering, Nuclear Fuel, Nuclear News
Book, Films and TV Shows Featuring the Profession: Silkwood, The China Syndrome, Fat Man & Little Boy, The Manhattan Project

Major Employers:
General Electric Nuclear Co.
175 Curtner Avenue
San Jose, CA 95125
Tel: 408-925-1000
Fax: 408-925-1422
Contact: Employee Relations
Westinghouse Electric Inc.
P.O. Box 355
Pittsburgh, PA 15230
Tel: 412-244-2000
Siemens Power Corporation
2101 Horn Rapids Road
Richland, WA 99532
Tel: 509-375-8100
Fax: 509-375-8402
Contact: Nuclear Division, Human Resources
You'll Associate With: Computer Programmers, Lab Technicians, Mathematicians, Technicians

Major Associations:
American Nuclear Society
555 North Kensington Avenue
La Grange Park, IL 60526
Tel: 708-352-6611
Contact: Sharon Kerrick
American Society for Engineering Education
1818 N Street
Suite 600
Washington, DC 20036
Tel: 202-331-3500
Fax: 202-265-8504
Nuclear Engineering Institute
1776 I Street, NW
Suite 400
Washington, DC 20006
Tel: 202-739-8000
Fax: 202-785-4019

Reference: Parts taken from Review.com

New Life for Nuclear Power?

Nuclear power has made a huge comeback, says "Chemical & Engineering
News."  In 1995, many experts in the nuclear industry felt that nuclear
power in the U.S. was on its death bed, but...


For free calculations go to the Calculator page.  The calculators should be used with caution.  Many of these calculators are not verified and are only intended to provide for a starting point in performing a design calculations.  All final design calculations should  be performed using verified and validated programs or calculators that have documented evidence of the verification and validation.

The following links have been reviewed and approved to be the best nuclear engineering information available on the internet, so please enjoy and if you have a better link of nuclear engineering information, email it to SiteManager@edasolutions.com .



NRC Notices & Bulletins Related to BWRs

Nuclear Fuel Recycling
This is an excerpt from the online version of Atomic Energy Insights, a monthly periodical focusing on the nuclear industry. The article describes the current political and technical obstacles to recycling nuclear waste in the United States.

Manufacturing Sciences Corp.
This is a company that, among other things, recycles radioactively contaminated metals and depleted uranium. This site includes contact information and describes the services and technology involved in recycling radioactive waste.

Reactor Burns Waste as Fuel in Nuclear Recycling Experiment
This article is part of a site about the Argonne National Laboratory's Integral Fast Reactor. The IFR, as this article describes, is an experimental nuclear reactor that recycles nuclear waste by using it as fuel.

Nuclear Information World Wide Web Server
This Web site features information on U. S. nuclear power plants, worldwide nuclear power plants, nuclear commerce, news related to the nuclear industry and a list of related publications, societies and organizations.

UIC - Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Explains Australia's role in supplying uranium for nuclear power generation. Provides photos of the relevant technology.

Questions and Answers about Nuclear Energy
Created by the American Nuclear Society, this guide features info on nuclear energy. Find data on the effects of radiation.

Hanford Nuclear
Residents of the Tri-City area of Washington State can post their comments here. Read thoughts about compliance and safety.

Jayne Loader's Public Shelter
Take a look at this irreverent zine that is based upon Loader's movie, "The Atomic Cafe," which examined the Cold War phenomenon.

Institute for Energy and Environmental Research
Organization provides analysis relating to environmental and energy issues. Find factsheets, technical reports, an extensive archive of links.

Fusion Energy - General Atomics
Find an educational Web site that defines high-temperature fusion. Includes a slideshow, teacher resources, and tour guidelines.

Joint European Torus
World's largest magnetic confinement fusion experiment which aims at confirming the scientific theory of fusion.

Todd's Atomic Homepage
Engineering student provides this collection of links for nuclear weapons, testing, energy, and research.

Hot and Cold Running Fusion - Skypoint
Examine a collection of links and research about hot and cold fusion. Search a patent database or review details about PLASMAK.

Nuclear Engineering
Library with information on nuclear energy production, radioactive waste management and radiation protection.

Office.com - Nuclear Engineering
Read article abstracts and feature news stories on nuclear engineering.



Georgia Inst. of Technology - Nuclear Eng. Programs
Guide to the Nuclear and Radiological Engineering and Health Physics Programs. Read about research, the facilities and the faculty.

Oregon State University - Nuclear Engineering Program
Nuclear-engineering program lists professors, graduate and undergraduate majors and minors, and provides an introduction to the department.

Univ. of Utah - Nuclear Engineering Program
Nuclear Engineering Program provides guides for current and prospective degree candidates. See sample course schedules.

Purdue University - Nuclear Engineering
Graduate program in nuclear engineering accepts Internet-submitted applications. Examine the curriculums, facilities and research projects.

Univ. of New Mexico - Nuclear Engineering Dept.
Department of Chemical and Nuclear Engineering presents its faculty and staff, and a calendar. Check out graduate-program information.

Univ. of Missouri, Columbia - Nuclear Engineering
Extensive introduction to the department of nuclear engineering. Find overviews of degree programs, and get application information.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Nuclear Eng.
MIT presents nuclear-engineering program info, research data and publications. Find general info for prospective students.

Univ. of Massachusetts, Lowell - Nuclear Engineering
View the programs available from the Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Department. Check out research centers and activities.

Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison - Nuclear Engineering
Department of Engineering Physics offers degrees in nuclear engineering. Contact the department.

Iowa State University - Nuclear Engineering
Find the nuclear-engineering graduate study and research opportunities available. Get contact information.

Ohio State University - Nuclear Engineering Program
Check out the reactor available to the Nuclear Engineering Program and how it figures into research at OSU. See program and faculty descriptions.

Univ. of Texas at Austin - Nuclear Engineering
Nuclear and radiation engineering division offers a variety of programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Univ. of Cincinnati - Nuclear Engineering
Nuclear and radiological engineering division furnishes general information regarding the programs, research and faculty.

Univ. of Michigan - Nuclear Engineering
Tour the department and learn more about nuclear engineering and radiological sciences. Includes degree information.

Nuclear and Particle Physics - New Mexico State Univ.
Read departmental announcements, publications, and progress reports. Includes student theses.

Pennsylvania State University - Nuclear Engineering
Graduate program in nuclear engineering offers a number of degrees. Tour the facilities and view course descriptions.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Nuclear Engineering
Check out the programs of study in nuclear engineering, including a special program for graduates of the Navy Nuclear Power Training School.

Kansas State University - Nuclear Engineering
Graduate program in mechanical and nuclear engineering provides faculty research profiles, a lab tour and a list of program requirements.

Univ. of Florida, Gainesville - Nuclear Engineering
Nuclear and radiological engineering department provides its facts, faculty list, and history.

Univ. of Maryland - Nuclear Engineering
Department offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in nuclear engineering. Learn more about the requirements, faculty and research facilities.

Univ. of Missouri, Rolla - Nuclear Engineering Dept.
Nuclear Engineering Department offers news, undergraduate and graduate program information, and scholarship details.

North Carolina State Univ. - Nuclear Engineering Dept.
Get reactor-program particulars from the Department of Nuclear Engineering. Get familiar with academics, research and people in the department.

Texas A&M Univ. - Dept. of Nuclear Engineering
Department of Nuclear Engineering invites users to read an overview of the department faculty and the facilities.

Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville - Nuclear Engineering
General information regarding the Nuclear and Radiological Engineering programs. Admissions, student activities, and news.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Nuclear Engineering
Nuclear Engineering Program lays out department research projects, programs, faculty credentials, and news. Tour the facilities.

University of Virginia - Mechanical & Aerospace Program
Overviews of the Department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering. Meet faculty members and read departmental news.

Univ. of California, Berkeley
Find out what's new with the Department of Nuclear Engineering and learn how to apply. Courses and curricula, research programs and reports.

Other Sites

The Nuclear Waste Home Page
Information about nuclear waste and containment plans is the focus of this site, which features links to information about Hanford, nuclear engineering and related legislation.

Australasian Virtual Engineering Library
Papers, conferences and research groups in all engineering disciplines, focusing on Australia and Asia. Search or browse the directory.

Brings together engineering and science subjects organized by discipline. Use the search function to find specific topics.

Engineering Community
Earn rewards for asking or helping answer questions at LookSmart Live! on bridge-building, civil, biomedical or other types of engineering.

Engineering Information, Inc.
Community of engineers and academics shares concepts and approaches of technology. Read or subscribe to a newsletter discussing relevant issues.

Engineering Resources Online
Browse links to engineering organizations, publications, software, trade shows, patent offices and companies.

Engineering Web Site, The
Offers links to engineering publications, patents information, academic institutes and professional organizations.

Eng-Tips Forums
Discover discussion forums for civil, mechanical, nuclear, ocean, military, aerospace, electrical and biomedical engineers.

Finding Jobs in Engineering - Live!
LookSmart editor supplies a community member with mechanical and civil engineering employment resources.

Greatest Engineering Achievements
National Academy of Engineering presents an index of the 20th century's greatest engineering achievements including the car, phone and computer.

Internet Connections for Engineering
Offers links to resources related to chemistry, engineering, mathematics and physics.

Nuclear Explosive Devices
Student of atomic weapons describes the history and design of the bomb. Find pictures of nuclear explosions in the Mushroom Gallery.

MSN Encarta - Cooling Tower
Presents a description of the process involved and the uses of the cooling device.

MSN Encarta - Fluid Mechanics
Find out how the investigation of fluids and liquids impacts engineering, aviation and nautical science.

High Energy Weapons Archive
Comprehensive guide to nuclear weapons covering news, events, and history. Includes a reference library, FAQs, and links.

Nuclear Program at Natural Resources Defense Council
Find news of US nuclear policy past and present and browse a substantial archive of documents produced by the council on nuclear issues.

Nuclear Weapons Database - CDI
Get facts and figures on the nuclear arsenals of the known nuclear states in the world. Learn little-known facts about the US arsenal.


Nuclear Physics Group - Mississippi State Univ.
Investigate this academic nuclear physics department. Includes public resources, publication lists, and a research overview.


Nuclear Data Viewer - Los Alamos
Prepares postscripts of experimental data and evaluated data from built-in databases. View them on a workstation or print them out.


Nuclear Physics - Past, Present & Future
Discover the physics behind nuclear technology, the facts and implications of nuclear war and the benefits of nuclear energy.

Nuclear Physics - Tel Aviv University
Peruse a seminar schedule, the graduate study program, and a faculty listing. Includes links to related sites.

Nuclear Physics Group - Glasgow University
Read recent publications and details about the research program at this university. Posts faculty and student group members.

Nuclear Physics Laboratory - Univ. of Washington
Catch up with the latest research at this nuclear physics laboratory. Includes annual reports, a staff list, and details about the university.

Nuclear Power Plant Demonstration
Learn how a nuclear power plant operates by experimenting with this interactive animation.

Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute
Russian Academy of Sciences provides a history of this institution, plus contact information, an events schedule, and a list of publications.

Photon Physics Laboratory - Hiroshima University
Find an overview of this Japanese university's physics programs and projects in radiation and elementary particles. With a schedule of events.

Physics Links - Russian Federal Nuclear Center
Find a collection of links about experimental physics. Covers science, culture, and conversion.

Quantum Chemistry Group - PNPI
Take a look at this laboratory of molecular beams at the Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute. Gives staff profiles.

RadWare - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Delve into details about this software package for interactive graphical analysis of gamma ray coincidence data. Includes news and FAQs.

Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Factsheet - FEMA
Find out what to do if there is an emergency at a local nuclear power plant. Includes facts, definitions, and procedures.


Quick Virtual Nuclear Power Plant Tour
Find out about nuclear power plants. Includes photos, and details about meltdowns and radiation safety.


Table of Isotopes - Atomic Mass Data Homepage
Get physics tables and data in text or .pdf format. Includes up-to-date experimental atomic mass data.


Friends of RadWaste

A good RadWaste directory.


Pictures on Some Aspects of Fusion
This is an article that examines the prospects of controlled thermonuclear fusion as a power source. It was written for a general audience. The site includes links to other sites on engineering and scientific aspects of nuclear fusion.


Software Engineering Glossary
European Organization for Nuclear Research defines terms associated with software engineering. Links are also provided.


WWW Virtual Engineering Library
Peruse Web sites relating to aerospace, chemical, civil, electrical, software, nuclear and petroleum engineering.


National Institute for Fusion Science
Performs nuclear experiments, publishes reports, and administers engineering, computing, and safety agencies.


Three Mile Island Recovery & Decontamination Collection
Penn. State's Engineering Library houses a collection of videotapes, reports, and photos from the cleanup of the nuclear reactor.


Argonne National Laboratory
Physics division presents research, a schedule of conferences and meetings, and general information. Includes a picture gallery.


Basic Introduction to Nuclear Physics - FSU
Take a peek at a hypertext instructional manual that presents elementary facts about nuclear physics. Includes links to related sites.


Bureau of Atomic Tourism
Discover an award-winning site about tourist locations that have been the scene of atomic explosions or have displays on atomic devices.


CFX Hosting
Hosting provider of ColdFusion sites offers CFX tags, cold fusion administrator, CFFile and CFContent. Offers tech support and network details.


CYCLONE - Cyclotron of Louvain La Neuve
Learn about the basic activities and upcoming projects of this cyclotron institution. Includes links to related sites.


Discovery of Radioactivity - Access Excellence
Read a historical overview of the nuclear age. Includes educational activities and slides, as well as a glossary and references.


Documentation and Diagrams of the Atomic Bomb
Explore nuclear fission and fusion, the atomic bomb's structure and the history of its development.


Ex-USSR Nuclear Technologies and the World
Explore the nuclear technologies of the former Soviet Union, and discover creative applications that disseminate nuclear information.


Fusion and the Z Pinch - Scientific American
Investigate the Z-machine, which triggers controlled fusion with X-rays. Includes illustrations and links to related sites.


Fusion Energy - General Atomics
Find an educational Web site that defines high-temperature fusion. Includes a slideshow, teacher resources, and tour guidelines.


Grupo de Fisica Nuclear - University of Salamanca
Describes the activities of this academic nuclear physics group in Spain. Presents papers and a collection of related links.


High-Spin and Nuclear Structure Data
Presents interactive access to the Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data Files and the Table of Isotopes databases. Includes a periodic chart.


Hot and Cold Running Fusion - Skypoint
Examine a collection of links and research about hot and cold fusion. Search a patent database or review details about PLASMAK.


Institut de Physique Nucleaire - UCL
Take a look at the activities of this institute. Read student papers, get library information, and review research reports.


Institute of Nuclear Physics
Get news from this institute in Krakow, Poland. Posts conferences, publications, and experiments.


Instituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare
INFN presents the general background of its activities, details about experiments and R&D projects, and a list of committees.


Ion Beams and Accelerators - Cyclotron Laboratory
Learn about the physics and applications of ion beams. Presents projects, publications, and job openings.


Isotopes Project
Compiles, evaluates, and disseminates nuclear structure and radioactive decay data for research. Learn about the Table of the Isotopes.


Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
JINR presents its news and information, as well as a list of activities, laboratories, and subdivisions.


Laboratory for Nuclear Science - MIT
Provides support for basic research in the field of nuclear and high-energy physics. Posts publications, news, and job opportunities.


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - N Division
Research group presents details on large-scale atomic, nuclear, and particle physics projects that use unique LLNL capabilities. Includes links.


Madison Symmetric Torus - University of Wisconsin
Examine a toroidal reversed-field pinch device from the university's Department of Physics. Presents drawings and parameters.


MSN Encarta - Alpha Particle
Briefly describes this particle, a common product of radioactive decay.


MSN Encarta - Annihilation
Find a short description of the phenomenon that occurs when an elementary particle meets its opposite.


MSN Encarta - Anomalon
Briefly describes a hypothetical state of matter used by physicists to explain anomalous behavior in nuclear collisions.


MSN Encarta - Antimatter
Discusses this bizarre hypothetical material, its theoretical history and the possibility that it really exists in the cosmos.


MSN Encarta - Atom and Atomic Theory
Find a basic overview about the tiniest form unit of matter. Covers theories, properties, categorization and chemical reactions.


MSN Encarta - Baryon
Learn about how this category of basic particles is defined. Paragraph also states the conservation law of baryons.


MSN Encarta - Binding Energy
Find a descriptive paragraph that discusses the energy associated with the separation and connection of nuclear particles.


MSN Encarta - Curie - measurement
Defines this unit of measure of radioactivity as used in nuclear physics and radiation dosage.


MSN Encarta - Synchrotron Radiation
Learn about this form of electromagnetic radiation and how it is produced in nature and artificially.


MSN Encarta - Van de Graaff Generator
Learn about the experimental applications for the large voltages created by this device. Follow links to related articles.


National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory
Tour the lab facilities at Michigan State University. Presents news, general information, research, and department listings.


Get the latest data from the Nijmegen partial wave analysis and potentials. Find out about hyperon-nucleon scattering data.


Nuclear Physics - University of South Carolina
Find out about the school's programs and facilities. Includes a department calendar and links to related sites.


Nuclear Science Division - Lawrence Berkeley Nat'l Labs
Presents an annual report from this US nuclear science laboratory, plus news, seminar information, and educational details.


Nuclear Structure Laboratory - Univ. of Notre Dame
University provides equipment details and a progress report on its Nuclear Structure Laboratory. Includes detailed documentation.


Particle and Nuclear Physics - Oxford University
British university presents a research overview for each of its subdepartments. Includes a list of related links and job opportunities.


Perspectives on Plasma - Plasmas International
Discover details about plasma, high-energy density physics, and magnetic confinement fusion. Includes exhibits and a photo gallery.


Software Resources in Nuclear Physics
Take a look at software resources for data acquisition and analysis in nuclear physics. Includes an extensive list of links.


Tandem Van de Graff Accelerator Facility - BNL
Discover this facility that consists of two model MP electrostatic accelerators, associated beam transport lines, and a variety of test areas.

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