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Industrial engineers analyze and evaluate methods of production and point out ways to improve them.  They decide how a company should allocate its limited tangible resources (equipment and labor) within the framework of existing physical constraints (physical plant).  Each company that hires an industrial engineer, either as a consultant or as an internal manager, has its own specific limitations.  An industrial engineer must quickly become an expert not only in the manufacturing and production processes of the industry, but also in the specific culture, problems, and challenges that the company faces.  This may mean face-to-face meetings with executives, extensive stays on manufacturing floors, and review of historical production data.  Industrial engineers receive information from others about what goes on in the day-to-day work environment, but they must also make their own observations of these activities.  Many employees are uncomfortable being "watched" by industrial engineers, and industrial engineers often walk a thin line between being an analyst and being a detective.  An industrial engineer's most difficult task is communicating his observations and suggestions to company executives, many of whom are emotionally invested in their traditional way of doing business.  Industrial engineers must be tactful in what they say and in how they say it. In addition to tact, being a successful industrial engineer requires charm and the willingness to stand by one's recommendations even in the face of unresponsive management.  The large majority of industrial engineers--around 70 percent--works at manufacturing companies, and many have specific areas of specialization, such as assembly, raw-product processing, or administrative (paperwork) practices.  Most industrial engineers have good working conditions, intellectually challenging work, and a high level of satisfaction.  Hours can be long, but this tends to be outweighed by the satisfaction derived from the education that each different project brings.

Career Profile

# of people in profession: 115,000
% male: 90
% female: 10
average hours per week: 45
average starting salary: $ 37,700
average salary after 5 years: $ 70,000
average salary after 10 to 15 years: $ 90,000
Professionals Read: Cutting Tool Engineering, Industry Week, Manufacturing Engineer
Book, Films and TV Shows Featuring the Profession: Rethinking Efficiency, Kanban Systems Engineering

Major Employers:
P.O. Box 3707
Seattle, WA 98124-2207
Tel: 206-655-1131
Fax: 206-544-3111
1919 Torrance Boulevard
Torrance, CA 90501
Tel: 310-783-2115
Fax: 310-783-2110
Contact: Human Resources
Gap/Banana Republic
1 Harrison Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
Tel: 415-952-4400
Fax: 650-874-7815
Contact: Executive Recruiting
You'll Associate With: Inventory Managers, Organizational Developers, Production Managers, Quality Control Managers

Major Associations:
Institute of Industrial Engineers, Inc.
25 Technology Park/Atlanta
Norcross, GA 30092
Tel: 770-449-0461
Fax: 770-263-8532
Contact: Marie Schultz

Parts taken from Review.com

For free calculations go to the Calculator page.  The calculators should be used with caution.  Many of these calculators are not verified and are only intended to provide for a starting point in performing a design calculations.  All final design calculations should  be performed using verified and validated programs or calculators that have documented evidence of the verification and validation.

The following links have been reviewed and approved to be the best industrial engineering information available on the internet, so please enjoy and if you have a better link of industrial engineering information, email it to SiteManager@edasolutions.com .


Best Manufacturing Practices
BMP organization helps companies recognize and implement time and cost effective work-flow practices across industry lines.


Boiler Central
Provides a comprehensive guide to boiler suppliers and industry associations, along with advice on boiler installation and maintenance.


Information for architects and construction engineers. With technical guides, product forums, events listings, and classifieds.


Maintenance Resources
Offers a bookstore, a discussion forum, an event calendar and a library for plant engineering and reliability professionals.


Source Index
Clearinghouse for industrial suppliers and engineers specializes in data on bearings and bearing frequencies used in vibration analysis.


WWW Virtual Library - Industrial Engineering
Explore academic departments, institutes, professional societies, courses, conferences and corporations.


Univ. of Bristol - Engineering Design Handbook
Multimedia database provides information relating to machine design, including specific component information.


Institute of Industrial Engineers
Find a career center with job hunting links, auide to activies, and an article on why become an industrial engineer.


Occupational Outlook Handbook - Industrial Engineers
Find out what industrial engineers do, where they are employed and the employment projections for this occupation.


Industrial Engineer Recruiters and Headhunters
Employers and industrial engineers can find placement and recruiting services from this search firm.


WWW Virtual Library - Industrial Engineering
Explore academic departments, institutes, professional societies, courses, conferences and corporations.


Bradley University - Industrial and Mfg. Engineering
Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering and Technology describes its degree programs, staff and faculty.


Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Submit the membership application, read news articles, find trade shows and magazines, or visit the bookstore.


Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences. Good central resource for materials in these fields.


American Society for Engineering Education
Discover conferences, publications, projects, an event calendar, college profiles and links to educational resources.


Rapid Prototyping Bookmark
Here is a link index for engineers working in computer assisted design and manufacturing. Areas linked to include trade journals, automated engineering and e-mail lists.


Consortium on Green Design and Manufacturing
Research partnership between industry, academia and govt focuses on environmental management. Read about new projects and peruse publications.


CSIRO - Company Homepage
Australia-based mining concern specializes in mineral-ore exploration, and research and development. Find news, publications and staff resources.


Cardiff Rapid Prototyping Centre
View this Cardiff School of Engineering facility which offers services and works to increase awareness about the benefits of rapid prototyping.


Industrial Engineering and Testing Services, P.C.
Company located in Charlotte, North Carolina, describes its design, parts testing, maintenance planning and equipment assessment services.


Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO
German research institution describes its technology management services, and provides a list of its clients.


Industrial Engineering News
Search for industrial engineering companies and products, check the event calendar, or order a subscription.


Univ. of Arizona - Systems and Industrial Engineering
Systems and industrial engineering department discusses graduate and undergraduate curricula. Includes student handbooks and course details.


Mississippi State University - Industrial Engineering
Department presents courses, faculty, publications, scholarships and graduate information.


World Lecture Hall - Civil and Industrial Engineering
Find links to faculties worldwide who are using the Web to deliver civil engineering lecture notes and course materials.


Univ. of Cincinnati - Industrial Engineering Program
Presents its graduate and undergraduate programs, research programs and qualifying exam.


Univ. of Toronto - Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Introduction to the facilities and academic programs at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.


Texas Tech Univ. - Dept. of Industrial Engineering
Provides a letter from the chairman and describes its undergraduate and graduate programs.


Univ. of Southern Colorado - Industrial Engineering
Department of Engineering offers descriptions of courses and program areas.


Univ. of Central Florida - Industrial Engineering
Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems presents its degree programs, contact information, research and support.


Bradley University - Industrial Engineering
School's master's program presents course requirements, electives, admissions, faculty and research topics.







Annals of Operations Research
Request a sample copy of this journal, review the table of contents or purchase a subscription.


Applied Management Science
Professor of applied management science providesdecision making and modeling info, algorithms, and mathematical explanations.


Association of European Operational Research Societies
Get phone numbers and addresses of operational research organizations throughout Europe, or check the conference calendar.


Canadian Operational Research Society
Explore newsletters, conference details, a constitution and a list of officers and speakers. In English and French.


Center for Quick Response Manufacturing
List the center's partners, projects and upcoming events. Located at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.


Computers & Operations Research
Peruse a sample issue, or read about the journal's topics and audience.


European Journal of Information Systems
Subscribe to the official journal of the Operational Research Society, and download articles from the free sample copy.


European Journal of Operational Research
Peruse sample abstracts and research papers, order a subscription, and find a list of special issues.


Fishman Davidson Center for Operations Management
Find a mission statement, conference details, research projects and reports. Part of the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School.


Information Systems Research
Review the table of contents and editorial statement, or send email to inquire about subscriptions.


INFORMS Journal on Computing
Published by the Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences. Includes subscription rates and instructions for authors.


Register to receive tables of contents by email, read abstracts or submit the information rquest form.


International Abstracts in Operations Research
Request a sample copy, and find out how to purchase a subscription to the bi-monthly journal.


International Transactions in Operations Research
Journal explores the field of operations research and management science, and provides a sample issue.


Intl. Federation of Operations Research Societies
Features newsletters, conference details, membership information, by-laws and a directory of officers' phone numbers and addresses.


Journal of the Operational Research Society
Browse a free sample copy, order reprints, review manuscript requirements or check subscription rates.


Management Science
Read about the topics covered by a publication of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences.


Manufacturing & Service Operations Management
Survey abstracts, get subscription information or review the instructions for authors.


Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Society
Features newsletters, meeting minutes, conference announcements and email addresses.


Mathematics of Operations Research
Outlines the journal's editorial mission, offers a link to downloadable abstracts and provides email addresses.


Read about this modeling language and algorithmic framework. Includes reference material, software and a description of solver links.


Operational Research Society
Complete the membership application, visit the bookstore, check the event calendar or find study groups throughout the United Kingdom.


Organization Science
Review event announcements, submission instructions for authors and an editorial mission statement.


Prime Pages
Get primed on prime numbers with this resource that presents research, articles, factorizations, and archives and multiple FAQs.


Univ. of Melbourne - Operations Research Group
Provides a list of publications and an overview of mathematical-model research projects.


Univ. of Waterloo - WATMIMS
Describes the Integrated Manufacturing Systems Research Group's research of logistics, supply chains and performance evaluation.


Educational Programs in OR/MS
Alphabetical and geographical indexes of educational programs in operations research and management science.


GA Playground
Presents a general purpose GA toolkit implemented in Java, for experimenting with genetic algorithms and handling optimization problems.


Michael Trick's OR Page
Useful resources for academics operations research collected by a professor at Carnegie Mellon University.


Operations Management Center
Index of annotated links to categorized resources, business news and announcements, OM organizations, plus textbook info.


OR/MS Today
Web version of the bimonthly print magazine presents a selection from the current edition plus a past issue archive.


Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics serves applied mathematicians and computational scientists. Read journals and meet members.


Visit the homepage for operations research and management science at the University of Melbourne, Australia.


Bay Zoltan Inst. of Logistics & Production Engineering
Learn about the Hungarian research center's logistics, quality assurance and informatics projects, or send email.


Center for Automation Technologies
Survey the facilities, business model and research programs of this Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute engineering unit.


Christian Michelsen Research
Norwegian company specializes in industrial development and research. Read project summaries, press releases, annual reports and newsletters.


Collaboratory for Research on Electronic Work
CREW is an interdisciplinary project combining technical education with management training. Learn about upcoming seminars.


Ergonomics in Teleoperation and Control Laboratory
Watch video clips of the research center's telerobotics, virtual reality and stereoscopic display projects. Located at the University of Toronto.


Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operations
German institute researches and develops factory planning, robotics, logistics and process design applications.


Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO
German research institution describes its technology management services, and provides a list of its clients.


INCOSE Systems Engineering Center of Excellence
Learn about the International Council on Systems Engineering's research projects, and access case studies.


Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management
German research center develops control technology, manufacturing processes and factory planning applications.


Logistics Management Institute
Read about the consulting services offered by this non-profit group in the fields of materials management and operational logistics.


National Science Foundation - Division of DMII
Describes research programs at the Division of Design, Manufacture and Industrial Innovation.


Stanford University - Manufacturing Modeling Lab
Center researches manufacturing design. Find abstracts, project summaries, course descriptions and contact information.


Swedish Institute of Production Engineering Research
Profiles the center's software engineering, work environment and industrial laser research. Subscribe to the quarterly newsletter.


Advanced Design and Manufacturing with Info. Technology
Read articles, product reviews, industry news and research papers, and find instructions for authors.


Applied Ergonomics
Scientific journal offers articles about the design of technical systems in the workplace.


Computers & Industrial Engineering
Contains abstracts, tables of contents, a free sample issue, subscription information and an author index.


Discrete Event Dynamic Systems
Harvard journal offers theoretical and applied reports. Download the pdf sample, read the style files, and complete the subscription form.


Ergonomics in Design
Study tables of contents from this magazine published by the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.


IIE Solutions
Read articles from a sample issue of the monthly magazine of the Institute of Industrial Engineers, or order a subscription.


Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research
Examine tables of contents and abstracts, purchase articles, or order a subscription. Published by the American Chemical Society.


Industrial Engineering News
Search for industrial engineering companies and products, check the event calendar, or order a subscription.


Industrial Maintenance and Plant Operation
Be basic, as well as more complex, points of running a plant.


International Journal of Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Discusses the design and analysis of flexible manufacturing systems. Find a free sample copy, or order a subscription.


International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics
Subscribe to this journal for details about topics such as work station design, design of tools and machines, safety, and methods engineering.


International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture
Request a sample copy of a journal about the design and development of machines, manufacturing systems and material handling applications.


Int'l Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Examine the table of contents, and order a subscription for this publication about factory automation systems.


Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing
Contains subscription information, instructions for authors and a free sample copy of the bimonthly journal.


Plant and Works Engineering Magazine
Peruse news and feature articles, event announcements and a company directory.


Plant Engineering
Sift through subscription information, product reviews, tips and engineering news.


Research in Engineering Design
Covers design theory in mechanical, civil and manufacturing engineering. Peruse the table of contents, and find out how to order a subscription.


Systems Engineering
Order a subscription, read tables of contents, and find a summary of the journal's subject areas.

Company Profile

EDA, Incorporated provides quality-engineering services on time, on schedule and within budget.  EDA, Inc. is able to do this by performing the work correctly the first time. We accept the most challenging problems and look forward to working with the client as a team member.  EDA believes that the client should be an active participant in the work process to ensure that the product is commensurate with client expectations and is delivered within schedule and budget constraints.

EDA, Inc. belongs to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), the Society of Instrument Control Engineers, Society of Professional Engineers (ISA) and the American Nuclear Society (ANS).

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For more information on EDA, Incorporated services, please contact Client Service Manager at:

Client Service Manager

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or email  the Client Service Manager at SiteManager@edasolutions.com .

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