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"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."
-- Carl Sagan

The extraordinary claim:
Alien beings from other planets have visited Earth, kidnapping and experimenting on inhabitants, mutilating cattle, and leaving artistic designs in wheat fields.

The extraordinary evidence?
Well, er... there isn't any. There are only anecdotes and stories. Follow these links to find out more.

I have provided these sites for information only.  I look at the topics of UFO's and Extraterrestrial life as interesting but, so far, unproven.  I do support the possibility of alien life forms based primarily on statistics.  With many billions of worlds in our universe, the probability of another one similar to earth is very likely.



Center for Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Group founded by Dr. Steven M. Greer researches and disseminates the latest news on extraterrestrial life and reports of contact with aliens.


Institute for Exobiology
Researcher and activist is dedicated to the study of extraterrestrial life, and the ending of UFO secrecy. Join a discussion on space policy.


Read briefs, papers, and press releases, and view the events calendar for the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Meteorite studies
Meteorite studies Return to Table of Contents Meteorite studies: Terrestrial and extraterrestrial applications, 1997 M ICHAEL E . L IPSCHUTZ, Department of Chemistry, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana 47907 Meteorites yield a wealth of information.


Volatiles in Extraterrestrial and Terrestrial Materials
NRC Research Associateship Programs Lyndon B Johnson Space Center Volatiles in Extraterrestrial and Terrestrial Materials RO#: CITY: Houston STATE: TX 77058 ADVISER: Gibson, Everett K, Jr (713)483-6224 KEYWORD: Cosmic dust, Extraterrestrial.


Aaron - Computer Studies
Aaron - Computer Studies Computer Studies Program Lynn S.Aaron Rockland Community College Mailbox: Room 1226 E-mail: laaron@sunyrockland.edu Phone: (845) 574-4258 What computer weighed 30 tons? Information for students taking my classes can be found.


Cosmochemistry Group - Induced Thermoluminescence
Induced Thermoluminescence Studies of Extraterrestrial Materials Induced thermoluminescence (TL) measurements are useful in studying the thermal and metamorphic history of a wide variety of extraterrestrial materials. In particular, TL has been used.


Yahoo! Regional>Countries>United Kingdom>Science>Alternative>Paranormal Phenomena>Extraterrestrial Life>UFOs
Help - More Yahoos Home > Regional > Countries > United Kingdom > Science > Alternative > Paranormal Phenomena > Extraterrestrial Life > UFOs All sites Singapore sites only Asia sites only This category only advanced search Yahoo! UK & Ireland .


Scientific American: Article: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence: 1/97
Presents an article by Sagan and Frank Drake entitled the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.


Using the Moon as a Tool for Discovery Oriented Learning, Interdisciplinary Studies, Miami University
A discovery based exercise used to challenge preconceptions, test hypotheses and better understand the phases of the moon. The exercise involves modeling the phases of the moon and making a scale model of the E-S-Moon system.


Cosmic Search Vol. 1, No. 2 - The Quest for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Cosmic Search Vol. 1 No. 2 The Quest for Extraterrestrial Intelligence By Carl Sagan A masterful overview of SETI and its meaning to humanity - a classic - Eds. Through all of our history we have pondered the stars and mused whether mankind is unique.


Cultural Aspects of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Cultural Aspects of SETI Although this workshop was sponsored by and dealt specifically with NASA's HRMS Project, the conclusions and recommendations apply to Project Phoenix or any SETI program. Cultural Aspects of the Search for Extraterrestrials.


Religious Studies 2811: Introduction to Contemporary Religious Movements--UFO Spirituality
Religious Studies 2811: Introduction to Contemporary Religious Movements--UFO Spirituality Religious Studies 2811: Introduction to Contemporary Religious Movements UFO Spirituality Kenneth Arnold Sighting First Radio Interview with Kenneth Arnold.


Lyndon B Johnson Space Center
Lyndon B Johnson Space Center Space and Planetary Sciences Investigations of Natural and Experimental Hypervelocity Impacts Physiochemical State of the Martian Surface Analytical Studies of Space Weathering Effects on Lunar and Asteroid Surfaces.

CMI Articles

July 29, 1999 July 22, 1999 June 8, 1999 May 27, 1999 January 21, 1999 November 1998 September 1997 July 1997 May 1997 April 1, 1997 January 30, 1997 January 8, 1997 November 1996 June 20, 1996 January 1996 November 1995


Yahoo! Science > Alternative > Paranormal Phenomena > Extraterrestrial Life > Alien Abductions
Yahoo! Science > Alternative > Paranormal Phenomena > Extraterrestrial Life > Alien Abductions Help - Check Email Home > Science > Alternative > Paranormal Phenomena > Extraterrestrial Life > Alien Abductions Add to My Yahoo! all of Yahoo! just this.


Extraterrestrial intelligence links
Links regarding extraterrestrial intelligence.


News from: The Extraterrestrial Encyclopedia Project
News from: The Extraterrestrial Encyclopedia Project.


Space Sciences
Space Sciences High Energy Astrophysics The High Energy Astrophysics section includes all project and mission home pages, descriptions of instruments used within the branch and data collected from different projects.


Research Institute on Anomalous Phenomena (RIAP), Kharkov, Ukraine
RIAP was established in 1992. It aims at scientific studies in the fields of theUFO problem, non-classical search for extraterrestrial civilisations (SETI), and non-traditional energy sources. RIAP is the only scientific research body in the territory.


Studies further deflate life-on-Mars hopes (1/15/1998)
Science & Technology centerpiece stories.


THE OSIRIS COMPLEX: Case Studies in Multiple Personality Disorder, by Colin A. Ross., M.D.
WHAT'S NEW CENTER for HUMAN RELATIONS 1. William and Judith Baldwin 2. Private Sessions 3. Remote Spirit Releasement Sessions 4. Professional Trainings 5. Experiential Seminars ASSN. for SPIRIT RELEASEMENT THERAPIES (ASRT).


EME, SETI, Radio Astronomy and DSP for Radio Amateurs (W6/PA0ZN)
Resource seeks to link different activities for radio amateurs. Find newsletters and abundant resources on SETI.


Political Science - Eastern Oregon University
Futures Studies Futures Organizations Hawaii Center for Futures Studies -- University of Hawaii FutureWeb -- University of Houston Clear Lake World Future Society World Futures Studies.


The Search for Extraterrestrial Life continues
NASA Web site featuring headlines on recent astronomy research at Marshall Space Flight Center. Read about developments in auroras, the sun, and deep space. New headlines appear every few days.


UW Astrobiology Program
Star formation from interstellar gas and dust. Submarine hydrothermal vent. Microorganisms from a hydrothermal vent. Astrobiology Program University of Washington Box 357242 Seattle, WA 98195-7242 astrobio@u.washington.edu .


Yahoo! Science>Alternative>Paranormal Phenomena>Extraterrestrial Life>Alien Abductions
Help - More Yahoos Home > Science > Alternative > Paranormal Phenomena > Extraterrestrial Life > Alien Abductions All sites Hong Kong sites only Asia sites only This category only advanced search Full Coverage Books@ Abduction Information Center.


Volcanoes: Extraterrestrial Volcanism
Extraterrestrial Volcanism V olcanoes and volcanism are not restricted to the planet Earth. Manned and unmanned planetary explorations, beginning in the late 1960's, have furnished graphic evidence of past volcanism and its products on the Moon, Mar

Exobiology Links


Dr. Tom Van Flandern's excellent website. He has a PhD in Astronomy from Yale and is a former Chief of celestial mechanics of the US Naval Observatory.
Excellent online discussions about Mars and Space Policy open to all
Prof. Stanley McDaniel's excellent website about the Cydonia region of Mars
ORTK has a no nonsense approach to the end of UFO secrecy
An interesting summary and critique of the molecular evolution of RNA.
Scientific Society I belong to which supports terrestrial & extraterrestrial study of planetary chemistry.
Political (or Anti-Political?) Branch of this Site
Rational approach to Space Sciences


For free calculations go to the Calculator page.  The calculators should be used with caution.  Many of these calculators are not verified and are only intended to provide a starting point in performing a design calculations.  All final design calculations should  be performed using verified and validated programs or calculators that have documented evidence of the verification and validation.

The following links have been reviewed and approved to be the best engineering information available on the internet, so please enjoy and if you have a better link of engineering information, email it to SiteManager@edasolutions.com .

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