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Chemical Engineers are employed around the globe in a world class, largely graduate, profession.  As a career, Chemical Engineering provides new and exciting opportunities for individual enterprise and career flexibility with rapid progress to responsible and financially rewarding jobs.

Chemical Engineers are found in a wide range of industries from chemicals and bio-chemicals to energy, food and drink, pharmaceuticals and health care.  They are at the forefront of tomorrow's scientific and technological development, tackling some of the world's most urgent problems.  They develop and create products that modern society depends on such as food and drink, fuels, artificial fibers, pharmaceuticals, plastics and toiletries.

They help to sustain our modern society by managing natural resources, recycling materials and protecting the environment.  But, whatever the role of the Chemical Engineer particular attention is always paid to safety.

Some Chemical Engineers design processes and solve problems using their computing skills and specialist knowledge of reactions, separations, heat transfer, fluid flow, control and economics.  Others lead teams of experts from a range of disciplines, managing installations and directing plant operations.

The Chemical Engineers' general expertise is also used in management, in marketing, in information technology, in business or financial planning. Chemical engineers might manage processes on a huge scale, perhaps in a plant producing vast amounts of bulk chemicals. Equally, they could be found producing small quantities of a product, such as pure, high quality vaccines.

The products of Chemical Engineering are in every shop, office, factory and home in the country.  Many of the companies employing Chemical Engineers are names which many people recognize instantly, such as Proctor & Gamble, General Electric, Florida Power & Light and Schweppes to name but a few.

Don't assume, however, that career opportunities only exist within these large and  multi-national companies - many Chemical Engineers work in small and medium size businesses, often providing technical services to the larger concerns.  For the more adventurous there is also the opportunity to operate your own business as a consultant within a particular industry sector.

Bright people who are good communicators, motivated, able to work on their own or as a team and interested in a challenge are prime candidates to study Chemical Engineering at University.  Three A levels, usually including Math and Chemistry (and preferably another science), at grades reflecting the demands of the profession, are normally required. 

People whose qualifications are not mainly in science need not despair as it may be possible for them to advance into Chemical Engineering by taking a one year foundation course designed to equip them with the necessary basic scientific background prior to a degree course.  Courses and requirements for both foundation and degree courses vary so it is always worth looking into this.  The Institution of Chemical Engineers can provide a summary for entry.

A degree in Chemical or Biochemical engineering provides the skills that open doors to the careers of the 21st century.  There has been a steady growth in the world wide demand for graduate Chemical Engineers and they represent one of the highest paid group of engineers.  Chemical Engineers have the multi-disciplinary skills that keep their options open and they are valued and well rewarded in many kinds of employment.  But no matter where or how Chemical Engineers are employed there is always plenty of scope for ambition.  The sky is the limit.....

Parts of summary contributed by: The Institution of Chemical Engineers, This article first appeared in School Leaver magazine, 1998

What is Chemical Engineering? 

"To define it rudely but not inaptly, engineering is the art of doing that well with one dollar which any bungler can do with two dollars." -Arthur M. Wellington, The Economic Theory of the Location of Railways, Introduction (6th ed., 1900).

All engineers, at one time or another, find themselves trying to explain their job to a friend or relative.  This can be a very painful experience, especially for the so called "chemical engineer".  This is often due to misunderstandings about what engineers actually do.  For example...

The words "engineering" and "technology" are often used interchangeable, when in fact they are quite different.  Engineering is a specific profession which uses science and mathematics to solve technical problems. While engineers concentrate on developing and using technology, it is important to remember that there was technology long before there was engineering.  It is very possible to invent a new technology without engineering it!

Also, the buzzwords "science" and "technology" are too frequently used interchangeably, no doubt because these two words always appear lumped together. While the scientific and technological communities have some similarities, they also have profound differences.

Lastly, it is easy to assume that someone with the title "chemical engineer" must be a narrow specialist, when in fact the outstanding feature of the profession is its broadness when compared to other engineering fields.

(Taken from What is a Chemical Engineer?)

For free calculations go to the Calculator page.  The calculators should be used with caution.  Many of these calculators are not verified and are only intended to provide for a starting point in performing a design calculations.  All final design calculations should  be performed using verified and validated programs or calculators that have documented evidence of the verification and validation.

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American Institute of Chemical Engineers
Supports professional standards, ethics and education. With details of programs and activities.

MIT Libraries - Chemistry & Chemical Eng. Resources
Browse links to professional societies, job announcements, grant resources and journals.

ACS Publications
Peruse American Chemical Society news and services, including society publications such as LabGuide and Chemcyclopedia.

American Chemical Society
Scientific organization representing chemists, chemical engineers, and technicians offers meeting dates and a job bank.

Chemical Engineering magazine supplies articles, classifieds, product reviews, and a seminar calendar.

American Chemical Society provides advanced resources in the chemical sciences. Follow research, contact companies, and search databases.

Directory of chemical information on the Internet offers details of physical properties and structures. Search databases and indexes.

Chemical Educator
Peer-reviewed journal includes forums and feature articles, and is supplemented by a video. Find subscriptions details.

Chemistry and Industry
International science and business magazine covers pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food science and the environment.

Communication Skills for Chemists
Handbook teaches chemists to communicate with other scientists as well as the outside world. Learn how to write a report or give a presentation.

Electrochemical Society
International organization describes its student resources, offers FAQs, and provides publication profiles.

Institution of Chemical Engineers
United Kingdom-based international body of chemical and process engineers details its activities and publications.

Journal of Biological Chemistry
Online publication of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, searchable by author or title.

Royal Society of Chemistry
British professional society describes its services and activities as well as an outline of the focus of its many journals.

American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, an educational and scientific body of teachers and researchers at colleges and universities.

Bibliography of recently published articles on biotechnology. Includes word and phrase search utility.

Chemical Abstracts Service
Describes the service's databases for information about chemical reactions, compounds and regulated chemicals.

Chemical Week Online
Journal for the global chemicals industry. Includes a marketplace with classifieds, updated weekly.

About.com - Chemical Engineering
Updates on new technologies and trends, databases, suppliers, and software. With career info and educational resources.

Chemical Heritage Foundation
Offers information and exhibits on the chemical sciences and technologies. Includes a historical research library, a magazine and lectures.

Browse job announcements, or join the discussion forum. From Critical Mass Systems.

Chemical Engineering Tools
Collection of tools useful in chemical engineering includes unit conversion calculators and compound abbreviations.

Chemical Engineering Documentation
Find out about an engineer who became a technical writer. Says that the computer industry relies on good writers.

Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering
Lists job announcements, upcoming events, contact information and membership benefits. In English and French.

Chemical Engineering Pan-American Collaboration
Learn about the group's history, projects, research areas and sponsors.

Chemical Engineering Progress
Read guidelines for authors, or check subscription rates. Published by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

China Huanqiu Chemical Engineering Corporation
Furnishes science and technology-oriented services for enterprises. Find organization and staff profiles, a services list, and contact details.

Chemical Engineering World
Monthly trade publication from Exicom incorporates "Oil and Gas World," and is aimed at the process and chemical engineering industries.

National index of engineering jobs featuring company employment pages, resumes of professionals seeking work, and links to career resources.

Alchemy and Alchemical Practices
Features several excerpts from the Encyclopedia of Occult Sciences that provides an understanding of the precursors to modern chemistry.

Historical Chemistry Textbooks Online
Discover a complete reprint of an elementary chemistry textbook from 1890 for secondary school students. Compiled by Bill Palmer.

Historical Aspects of Chemistry
Read brief biographical sketches on famous chemists such as Georg Wittig and Josiah Clark.

History of Chemistry - Wilton High School
Discover biographies of noted chemists, classic papers in chemistry, and links to general history of science resources.

Selected Papers from the History of Chemistry
Le Moyne College provides a collection of classic papers chronicling the history of chemistry, environmental chemistry, the elements, and gases.

Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Info and biographies of all the Nobel prize laureates in chemistry since 1901.

Provides educationally-rich interactive experiences that explore the history of the Nobel Laureates and the Nobel Prizes for literature.

History of Chemistry Study Guide
University of WA offers a collection of resources for the study of the history of chemistry including a guide to Nobel prizes in chemistry.

History of Chemistry Resources
Okanagan University in Canada shares links to a variety of sites relating to the history of chemistry, famous chemists, and chemical terminology.


Sixth World Congress of Chemical Engineering
Offers details about this conference scheduled for September, 2001, in Melbourne. View programs and the call for papers.

History of Chemical Engineering
Investigate the history of chemical engineering and the growth of the industry over the last century.

Investigate the history of each element in the periodic table, from its discovery to the identification of its properties.

Chemical Engineering Resources
Includes chemical engineering journals, professional organizations and links to related Web sites.

Chemical Engineers' Resource Page
Read articles and theses, check the message board, learn about alternative energy, or visit the career center.

Chemical Engineering Faculty Directory
Locate chemical engineers around the world by searching the names of faculty members of over 400 institutions.

Chemical Engineering Internet Resources
Engineering consultant furnishes links to general chemical engineering Web sites, newsgroups, databases, software, organizations and companies.

Int'l Directory of Chemical Engineering URLs
Browse chemical engineering Web sites that feature academic, industry and research institutions.

Computer Aids for Chemical Engineering
Nonprofit organization promotes the exchange and development of chemical engineering educational resources. Read newsletters, or visit the store.

Computer Applications in Chemical Engineering
Explains how to subscribe to this mailing list for chemical engineering students, professionals and educators.

ICE - Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Resources
Find organizations, universities, databases and research centers. Provided by Internet Connections for Engineering, a Cornell Univ. project.

Index for Chemical Engineering
Explore links to chemical engineering publications, associations, research institutes, university programs and private companies.

AIChE Professional Career Services
Services from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Positions wanted, diary of career fairs and professional development information.

Chemical Engineer.com - Job Retrieval Page
Directory for the chemical engineering professional provides a search tool to browse jobs by submission date, region or number.

Engineering Central - Jobs for Chemical Engineers
Job posting service for the engineers lists opportunities for the chemical specialist. Postings offer a brief description and location.

Chemical industry recruiter places chemists, chemical engineers in fields including agrochemicals, biochemical and coatings and paint.

Job Search for Chemical Engineers
Company listings, job search databases and salary surveys from this site for chemical engineers.

Center for Chemistry & Chemical Eng. Central Library
Browse links to professional organizations, university departments and conference information. Provided by Lund University in Sweden.

Find subscription details for a mailing list addressing the interests of the chemical engineering and science community.

Galaxy - Chemical Engineering
Offers links to chemical engineering newsgroups, research centers and university departments.

Stanford Univ. Libraries - Chemical Engineering
Features links to chemical engineering publications, organizations, directories and companies.

Univ. of Virginia Chemical Engineering Research Guide
Provides links to journals, abstracts and indices relating to chemistry and chemical engineering.

Provides access to online chemical engineering software featuring prediction of thermodynamic properties.

World Lecture Hall - Chemical Engineering
Links to pages created by faculties worldwide using the Web to deliver lecture notes and course materials.

WWW Virtual Library - Chemical Library
Information resources relevant to chemical and process engineering, hosted by the University of Florida, offers events, articles, and contacts.

Consulting Engineers & Scientists
A list of consulting engineers organized according to areas of engineering, and a list of relevant technical societies.

Umea University - Analytical Chemistry
Hundreds of resources, including references, animations, experiments, and demonstrations for chemistry teachers and students.

Beckman Center for the History of Chemistry
Lists the services, goals and projects of the Beckman Center in their quest for the promotion of the history and development of chemistry.

Chemistry - A History
C-Systems chronicles the history of chemistry starting with ancient Egypt and progressing to modern times. Includes reference notes.

Chemistry Timeline - Kiwi Web
Offers a chronology of notable achievements in the field of chemistry and lists the pioneering chemists associated with each breakthrough.

Classic Chemistry
Read several papers which had a profound impact on the development of chemistry, or check "This Week in the History of Chemistry."

Classic Papers - Australian Science Archives
Provides more than 30 articles regarding the history of chemistry by notable authors such as Faraday, Davy, Rutherford, and Thompson.

Electronic Historical Publications
Scientific American shares a collection of online reprints from their 19th century archives. Includes a mystery inventor of the month.

Islamic Alchemy in the context of Islamic Science
Features articles and texts focused on the contributions to modern chemistry made by ancient Islamic and Egyptian alchemists.

Georg Wittig
Presents a short biography of the 20th century German chemist and Nobel Prize winner.

Company Profile

EDA, Incorporated provides quality-engineering services on time, on schedule and within budget.  EDA, Inc. is able to do this by performing the work correctly the first time. We accept the most challenging problems and look forward to working with the client as a team member.  EDA believes that the client should be an active participant in the work process to ensure that the product is commensurate with client expectations and is delivered within schedule and budget constraints.

EDA, Inc. belongs to the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the Society of Instrument Control Engineers, Society of Professional Engineers (ISA) and the American Nuclear Society (ANS).

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